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Transferring In Credits from Other Institutions

Your transcripts from prior colleges or other learning experiences will be evaluated upon request. Only regionally accredited college transcripts are accepted. Courses not applicable for distribution requirements are assigned as elective credit up to the maximum allowable. If there are questions of interpretation in designating distribution credits for classes taken previously, you may apply to the appropriate instructional dean for a waiver.

Application of credits to the AA-DTA Degree

These include credits transferred in from other colleges, credits transferred from an SVC professional/technical program, and credits earned by students who previously discontinued enrollment at SVC.

  1. Students transferring 12-39 applicable college credits into SVC's AA-DTA degree program are required to complete TWO Integrative Learning Experiences (at least one of which is a Learning Community), ONE Skills Designated class, and ONE Diversity course.
  2. This policy also applies to students transferring credits from a SVC professional/ technical program and SVC students who discontinued enrollment (excluding summer) with 40 or more applicable credits that were earned before Fall 1993. Students will complete One Integrative Experience of any kind and One Diversity course.
  3. Transfer students and SVC students who discontinue enrollment (excluding summer) with 11 or fewer credits are subject to the regular requirements of SVC's AA-DTA degree (Integrative Experiences, Skills Designated classes, and Diversity).