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Watercolor Painting

Colors & Palette Layout


Here is a materials list appropriate for my Beginning and Basic Watercolor classes and Workshops. You may, of course, bring whatever watercolor supplies you are comfortable using. Please use Michele Cooper TRP #01148 for student discount at Daniel Smith, Inc.

Paper: 5 sheets 140# Cold Press (1/2 sheet per day for ongoing classes)
    Gatorboard support (16x24") and 2 Bulldog clips to hold paper to gatorboard

Palette: Bring your accustomed palette, or the Yarka 24-pan set


This selection of highly recommended (Winsor & Newton, Holbein, Daniel Smith or MaiMeri Blu) Artist Quality pigments (preferred):

10 BASIC COLORS: (Start with these)

  • Blue: French Ultramarine Blue, Manganese or Cerulean Blue, Antwerp Blue, or (Phthalo Blue, GS, Daniel Smith)
  • Red: Alizarin Crimson, Winsor Red or (Organic Vermilion, Daniel Smith)
  • Yellow: Aureolin, New Gamboge, Raw Sienna WN
  • Orange: Burnt Sienna or (Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Daniel Smith)
  • Green: Winsor Green (Blue Shade) or (Phthalo Green,  Daniel Smith)

Add these convenience colors for a fuller range:

  • Orange: Cadmium Orange
  • Red: Permanent Rose, Permanent Magenta, Rose Madder Genuine
  • Green: Sap Green
  • Violet: Winsor Violet or (Carbazole, Daniel Smith), Cobalt Violet

Brushes: 1" Flat aquarelle brush, #8 or #10 round Princeton watercolor, #2 or #3 script liner

Important Miscellaneous:

  • Hair dryer, extension cord, 1qt. wide mouth plastic water container
  • 2 Sponges (one cellulose kitchen type and one elephant ear natural sponge)
  • 1" drafting or painter’s tape, scissors, (masking fluid, masking brush or nib optional)
  • Pencil, kneaded eraser, Robert Bateman sketchbook (9"x12" or larger)

Sport Bag and/or Portfolio to Carry Everything

Note: If you have the Jones or John Pike Palette, make sure it fits flat (like a tray) in the bottom of your bag to prevent your paints from moving into each other. Then put your brushes, pencil and eraser in the lid holder, lay your sketchbook and watercolor pad on next and place everything else in the empty water container on top. Use the Portfolio to hold your board, paper and books.