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Moodle 2 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I control who receives notifications of forum submissions?

People can usually choose whether or not they want to be subscribed to each forum. However, the teacher can choose to force subscription on a particular forum then all course users will be subscribed automatically, even those that enrol at a later time.

Please see the four subscription modes here:

2. What happened to Quickmail?

Update 9/23/2013:
Quickmail is now working and available again in Moodle 2, and it includes some new functionality such as the ability to choose to allow students to use it, what roles are in the recipient list, what to prepend to the subject, and more.

An alternate way to email your class without using Moodle is the Outlook class groups.  Every class has an email group created for it every quarter.  Individual students are also in the address book.  The only groups the address book cannot accomodate are groups that have been setup inside of your Moodle class.

3. Why are all the icons missing when I use Moodle 2?

When using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier, the icons will not show up in Moodle 2.  If you are using Windows XP, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome with Moodle 2.  If you are on Windows 7 or 8, you will have Internet Explorer 9 or 10 available to you.  Both of those versions of Internet Explorer display the Moodle icons properly.

4. Why is the scroll bar for the Grader Report at the bottom of the screen?

For courses with a lot of graded items, having to go to the bottom of the page to scroll horizontally can be frustrating.  We have removed the student profile images to reduce vertical real estate, and removed the email address to reduce horizontal real estate. 

Work arounds:
1. Reduce the number of students listed per page until you can see the scroll bar at the bottom of your screen.
2. You can use the keyboard arrows to scroll the gradebook left and right without having to scroll down to the bottom.
3. In Firefox, you can hold the mouse wheel down and move the mouse left or right to scroll the gradebook.
4. In Chrome, you can hold the shift key and then scroll the mouse wheel up and down to scroll the gradebook left and right.

Fortunately, there is a Moodle update in the works to add a scroll bar to the top of the Grader Report, but we don't know what version that will be included in.

5. Why do only some grades "stick" when applying grades to multiple items at once?

We found a setting that was preventing batch submission of grades from saving all grades.  If entering a large amount grades at one time only a portion of those grades entered would actually take effect.

UPDATE: This was fixed as of Wednesday, April 10th.

6. How do I give extended time on Moodle 2 quizzes?

See the step-by-step help guide here:


7. How do I remove the participants block?

You can remove the participants block itself from your class by clicking the X icon in the upper right corner of it with editing on. But this does not remove it from the navigation block, students can still access it there. If you want to completely remove access to it from your class, you will have to also remove the navigation block.

The participants block will be removed from the navigation block and moved to the course administration block in a future version of Moodle.

8. What happened to the Tegrity block?

The Tegrity block is installed and working with Moodle 2, but the name is not obvious anymore. When you have editing on and want to add the Tegrity block to your class, choose "MH AAIRS (mhaairs)" as that is the new name for the Tegrity block. Once it has been added to your class, it will be obvious what it is, as the link is named "Tegrity Classes" inside the block.

9. Why can't I paste text?

Due to security changes in both Firefox and Google Chrome, you can't use the mouse to right-click and select the paste option to paste text in to Moodle 2 where the text editor is used. You can still paste with these browsers, using one of these options:
1. Use the keyboard shortcut for paste, which is CTRL + V on Windows.
2. From the browser menu, select Edit, then Paste
Note that Internet Explorer is not affected by this, and you can use the mouse to paste with it, as long as you are using version 9+ for other compatibility issues listed above.

If you are pasting text from Microsoft Word, or another Office product, you should be using the "Paste from Word" function. This will remove any extra formatting/HTML that is added to your text by the Office products, which can cause problems with Moodle. The icon is a small clipboard with the Word W on it:

Moodle 2 Word Paste Icon

You can use the mouse right-click option to paste into the "Paste from Word" function.

10. How do I allow other instructors to view my class?

If you want to allow other instructors to see your class, you can add them as a non-editing instructor.  To do so, go to Settings/Enrolled Users.  At the top right, choose Enrol User.  In the window that pops up, you will see a drop down menu at the top middle called Assign Roles.  Choose "non-editing teacher".  Go to the bottom where the search window is and type in the name of the teacher.  Do not use the email address.  Use a space between the first and last name.  When that teachers name appears, choose Enrol.  Choose Finish Enrolling Users at the bottom. 

11. Why can't my students access an assignment/quiz/forum? (Conditional Activities)

Restricted access is also known as Conditional Activities.  You will see this option at the bottom of the page as you go to set up Forums, Assignments and Quizzes.  It is easy to confuse this with the open and close date and time of the forum, etc.  That is not what it is.  This option allows you to restrict access until a student has met certain conditions.  Unless this is what you intend to do, please leave the restricted access options disabled.  If you enable them, your students will not be able to see the forums, etc. past that last date, even in order to see the grading.  That is not what you want. 

Bottom line:  leave the Restricted Access option alone unless you actually want to set up conditions of release for the forum, etc. that you are setting up.  For more details on Conditional Activities, see the Moodle Docs page:

12. How do I read Moodle messages from my students?

If you want to see if you have messages from your students within Moodle or if you want to review any messages that you have sent to students, go to Navigation on the main page of your course.  Click on my Profile, then Messages.  That will take you to the message page.  Click on the drop down menu to see the various possibilities for reviewing messages

You can also add a block to your class that will notify you of any new/unread messages, and will also do the same for your students.  Turn editing on in your class, then add a new block, select "Messages" from the block drop-down list.

13. How do I stop the Moodle messaging popup when I receive a new message?

You can change your Moodle messaging settings with the following:

In the Settings block, expand My profile settings, and then click Messaging.  You can also access it by going to the Navigation block, expanding My Profile, click Messages, then when your messages are displayed, you can click the Messaging link in the Settings block.  Uncheck the boxes under "Personal messages between users" in the Popup notification column. 

You can also adjust any other settings at this time, and if you remove this popup notice, you may want to check the box to receive emails even when you are online to ensure you receive the message.  You may also want to add the "Messages" block to your classes if you remove the messaging popup notice, so that you can see if you have new/unread messages when you access your classes.

Click the "Update profile" button the the bottom of the page when done with your setting changes.

14. How do I monitor student activity?

You can find all of the tracking/report functions in the Navigation block under Current Course -> Course Name -> Reports.

15. What happened to the Moodle 2 spellcheck button?

The internal Moodle 2 spellcheck system used a Google service by default to provide the spellchecking, and Google has decided to stop offering this service.  We have investigated the alternatives, but none of them will work correctly/consistantly, so we have removed the spellecheck button from all Moodle 2 text editors.

To replace the spellcheck functionality, we have made a change that allows the built-in web browser spellcheck function to work with Moodle 2, and it will now automatically underline any misspelled words for you via the web browser.  But if you are using Google Chrome or Firefox for your browser, the same security that blocks the copy/paste/etc functions also blocks the spellcheck function to see the suggested words and the autocorrection.  You will have to hold the ctrl key and right-click on the misspelled word to correct it.  Internet Explorer is not affected by this and the spellcheck works normally.

16. Moodle 2 Quiz Save without submitting button

There is no "Save without submitting" button in the quiz module in Moodle 2.  When they re-wrote the quiz module, they combined the saving functionality into the "Next" button, so that the saving happens naturally as a student progresses through a quiz.  It saves all current answers to the server, and then gives the student the choice to continue their attempt, or submit their answers for grading.  If they have answered a question properly, the summary page will show "Answer saved", which means their answer has been saved to the server.  So if a quiz is set to have all questions on one page, the students should periodically click the "Next" button to save their answers, like they did with the old "Save without submitting" button, and then they can choose to return to their attempt, if it's not completed yet.

Note that if you have more than one question on a page, and the student clicks "Next" to save their answers but has not answered all questions on a page, they will have to navigate back to that page to answer the rest of the questions.