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Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Conservation (BASEC)

Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Conservation (BASEC)

The bachelor of applied science degree in Environmental Conservation at Skagit Valley College builds on an existing AAS-T degree in Environmental Conservation or other comparable AAS-T degrees in natural resources.  The degree adds upper division courses at the junior and senior level leading to a four-year baccalaureate degree. Students are primarily accepted to start during fall quarter.

The BASEC degree opportunity is designed to meet the growing employment needs for graduates with advanced skills in the environmental sciences and natural resource management areas in the Puget Sound region as well as other regions of the Pacific Northwest.  Graduates with a BASEC will acquire the necessary skills for advanced field and laboratory work and be able to move into management and supervisory positions within natural resource management divisions in the public and private sector. 

The BASEC program schedule is designed to meet the needs of working adults, with one third of the curriculum offered online.  Face-to-face classes meet at the Mount Vernon Campus.

Program learning outcomes

Graduates will be able to

  • Understand and apply federal, state, and tribal policies driving natural resource policies.
  • Use landscape ecology principles and technology to analyze ecological scenarios for management decisions at the watershed level.
  • Apply forest ecology and silvicultural techniques to develop management scenarios for working forests.
  • Use salmon biology to inform and to make management decisions regarding individual salmon stocks and outline ecological restoration measures.
  • Contribute to natural resource decision-making groups utilizing effective communication techniques.
  • Apply conservation biology strategies and community ecology principles in the management of biodiversity at the landscape level.
  • Incorporate watershed management science in management strategies for managing watersheds sustainably for ecosystem services and natural resources.
  • Develop and implement management actions for aquatic habitats.
  • Develop and demonstrate leadership skills within the environmental sciences and natural resources management.

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The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Environmental Conservation has been granted candidacy status by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.