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Continuing Professional Education

Interested in a new career? Want to earn CEUs or contact hours to maintain your professional license? Need to update your skills for your own professional development or to help make your company run more efficiently and be more cost effective?  The Skagit Valley College Continuing Professional Education program offers classes to help you achieve these goals!

Credit options at Skagit Valley College

We can also help you identify opportunities to link to credit and certificate programs at Skagit Valley College. There are many short term programs available to help you increase your earning power and get the job you want. 

* Community Education classes are self-supporting so fee waivers do not apply to any of the courses in this section of the schedule. All costs associated with these classes must be covered by the tuition gathered through registration.

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Continuing Professional Education

Emotional Intelligence in Conflict Resolution (Mount Vernon Campus)
Successful participants will develop the ability to recognize their own and other people's responses and emotion, understand the physiology response to interpersonal conflict, analyze the cost and consequences of interpersonal disputes, familiarize with effective techniques to de-escalate conflict, discover and mold their own conflict resolution style, practice your active listening and communication skills in exercises of simulated conflicts, learn about alternative dispute resolution practices and when to apply them, Specially Mediation, and how to plan and write a consensual agreement.

6226   CPROF 081   AG   6:00PM-7:30PM   W 7/20 to 8/17   TBA   Manzanera J   $139.00  CLASS CLOSED

Flagging and Traffic Control (Mount Vernon Campus)
Upon successful completion, students receive a Washington State Traffic Control Flagger card approved by the State of Washington and valid for three years. Must be 18 years of age or older to receive card.

6213   CPROF 034   AG   6:00PM-9:00PM   TTh 7/12 to 7/14   T041   Prindle M   $64.00  CLASS CLOSED

6214   CPROF 034   BG   6:00PM-9:00PM   TTh 8/9 to 8/11   T041   Prindle M   $64.00  CLASS CLOSED

HOME BARTENDING (Mount Vernon Campus)
Martinis, Mojitos, Margaritas–great drinks you love to order when you’re out, but how can you craft perfect cocktails at home? Using the correct mixers, liquors, garnishes–even ice–all can make or break your cocktail. Learn skills such as pouring, muddling, shaking, layering, straining, adding a twist and more! This course will cover the techniques and recipes to create amazing cocktails that will be sure to impress. Whether hosting a large party for friends and family or an intimate dinner for two, dust off that home bar set and show off your new bartending skills! $6 for class booklet and materials fee payable to instructor at first class.

6233   CPROF 086   AG   6:00PM-9:00PM   M 7/18 to 7/25   F120   Ronnestad L   $99.00  CLASS CLOSED

Sing like Elvis? Lay an egg like a dog? Bark like a chicken? Give up control of your mind? This is what hypnosis is like, right? Wrong. Explore the powerful world of the mind using modern hypnosis techniques. Explore Trance work, what it is and what it isn't, what stage hypnosis is and WHY those people do those things, hypnotic language patterns, how to use "power words" and phrases to create rapid change, body language signals, pendulum work and even experience a past life regression. Join Ron Stubbs for an evening of mind exploration, fast paced fun, and take the "trip" of a lifetime (or many) and leave your baggage at home!

6230   CPROF 083   AG   6:00PM-9:00PM   W 7/20   H112   Stubbs R   $49.00  CLASS CLOSED

Inteligencia Emocional en la Resolucion de Conflictos (Mount Vernon Campus)
Los participantes podran desarrollar la habilidad de reconocer sus propias respuestas y emocionas asi como las de otros, entender la respuesta fisiologica al conflicto interpersonal, analizar el costo y las consequencias de las disputas, familiarizarse con tecnicas efectivas para desescalar conflict, descubrir y moldear su estilo de resolucion personal, practicar sus habilidades de comunicacion y escucha activamente, aprender sobre las alternativas para resolucion de conflictos, Especialmente Mediacion, explorar como planear y escribir un acuerdo consensado.

6227   CPROF 082   AG   6:00PM-7:30PM   Th 7/21 to 8/18   TBA   Manzanera J   $139.00  CLASS CLOSED

INTRO TO BEEKEEPING (Mount Vernon Campus)
This 4-week course is designed to provide a general overview of beekeeping including, costs, history, basic biology, protective clothing, woodenware, obtaining bees, hive pests and disease, hive management, working bees, stings, and products of the hive. We will explore what it takes to get started in the fascinating world of beekeeping. Open discussion time 5:30; class starts at 6.

6229   CPROF 090   AG   6:00PM-8:00PM   F 7/8 to 7/29   T031   Mcconnaughy   $79.00  CLASS CLOSED

PAST LIFE REGRESSION (Mount Vernon Campus)
As increasing attention is focused on past lives, or PLR, more people are becoming interested in exploring the issue for themselves, in finding out how to unlock their own past life memories, as well as learning what benefits to their relationships, outlook, and professional lives might come from unearthing these memories. The theory of PLR is that issues, problems, phobias, ailments etc. originate in prior lifetimes. By regressing the client to these lifetimes, the client can examine the issues etc. and understand what is needed to be done to achieve the changes they feel they need to make. In this 3 hour class you will be guided through 1-3 PLR regressions.

6231   CPROF 087   AG   6:00PM-9:00PM   W 8/3   H112   Stubbs R   $49.00  Seats Avail: 28 of 30

Professional Bartending (Mount Vernon Campus)
Become a Bartender! This class is designed to provide participants with the skills needed to start careers as professional bartenders. This fun and exciting class will cover how to mix, measure and serve more than 300 of today's most popular cocktails - from Electric Iced Teas and Smith & Wessons, to B-52's, Apple Martinis and Lemon Drops! Learn professional free pouring and layering techniques, bartending terms, job searching, serving in a safe and responsible manner, increasing customer satisfaction, and increasing tips! No prior liquor knowledge is required. This course also includes the Home Bartending class! Must be 18 or over. Textbook req $16 paid to instructor at first class.

6220   CPROF 045   AG   6:00PM-9:00PM   M 7/18 to 8/8   F120   Ronnestad L   $189.00  CLASS CLOSED

SEARCH FOR SASQUATCH (Mount Vernon Campus)
Bigfoot, Yowie, Yeti, Almas, Wendigo: all names for the mysterious creature we know as Sasquatch. We’ll discuss this elusive being that has reportedly lived alongside, and occasionally interacted with, humans. An examination of the controversial 1967 "Patterson Film," historical summary of accounts worldwide, and discussion of Sasquatch searches and sightings here in the Pacific Northwest.

6235   CPROF 089   AG   10:00AM-1:00PM   Sa 8/20   TBA   Thuney M   $39.00  Seats Avail: 29 of 30

UFO 101 (Mount Vernon Campus)
We will explore and consider historical and cultural contexts of the UFO phenomenon before moving on to a discussion of modern-day UFO activity, including the 1984 "Lummi Island UFO incident." Join us to engage in speculation and discussion about the reality of the UFO paradox and its possible implications for contemporary humanity. Bring a snack or lunch.

6232   CPROF 084   AG   10:00AM-2:00PM   Sa 8/13   N120   Thuney M   $45.00  Seats Avail: 30 of 30

Voice-Overs: Now is Your Time (Mount Vernon Campus)
YOU'VE HEARD LISA FOSTER ON TV AND RADIO COMMERCIALS! Now hear Lisa LIVE as she illustrates how YOU could actually begin using your speaking voice for commercials, films, and videos! Most people go about it the wrong way. Lisa will show you a unique, outside-of-the-box way to cash in on one of the most lucrative full or part-time careers out there! This is a business that you can handle on your own terms, on your own turf, in your own time, and with practically no overhead! And NOW is the best time to make this happen as new companies are looking for new voices like never before. This exciting and fun class could be the game changer you've been looking for! Lisa Foster's voice can be heard on commercials and narrations for such clients as: Crest Toothpaste, Olay, Cafe Appassionato, LA Weight Loss, Advanced Laser Clinics and Sleep Train.

6224   CPROF 053   AG   6:30PM-8:30PM   W 7/20   H024   Foster L   $49.00  CLASS CLOSED

WEIGHT NO MORE (Mount Vernon Campus)
You already know that weight loss can be an elusive goal. Now find out why and what you can do to lose 19 pounds and three inches within weeks. Goals, willpower, fad diets, and a positive mental attitude are not enough to take inches off. They never work and never will. This amazing and unique 4-week class will take you through the process of re-programming your mind so you can create new stimulus responses to food and your hunger urges; address the core reasons why the weight has stayed on and why it will not change until three key mental programs start running differently. Now you can take back control of your life and begin to feel better as you realize that your weight will begin to fade away. Giving you a new sense of pride and a slimmer look. Material fee $25 payable to instructor first night.

6234   CPROF 088   AG   6:00PM-8:00PM   Th 7/21 to 8/11   H112   Stubbs R   $150.00  Seats Avail: 28 of 30

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