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To register via phone using a VISA or MasterCard: call (360) 416-7638 or check out our new online registration option for returning students. E-mail: for more information. MV Campus Map (PDF)

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* Community Education classes are self-supporting so fee waivers do not apply to any of the courses in this section of the schedule. All costs associated with these classes must be covered by the tuition gathered through registration.

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6704   CTP 001   AG   N/A-N/A   ARRANGED     Antonsen   $0.00  Seats Avail: 60 of 60

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6705   CTP 002   AG   N/A-N/A   ARRANGED     Mindrum   $0.00  Seats Avail: 50 of 50


ANCIENT CULTURES (San Juan Center) (San Juan Center)
Have you ever wanted to stand next to a giant statue on Easter Island? Climb inside a temple in the ancient world of Maya? Ever wonder how the ancient Native Americans built earthworks long before Stonehenge? Or how the hypogeum in Gozo, Malta was built with perfect pitch? What about Pompeii and the golden ratio uncovered beneath 30 feet of volcanic ash? Come take a journey to Easter Island, to the Upper Peten of the Rio Bravo, to Poverty Point Malta, Egypt, the desert SW, and learn about Akus, Temples, the Golden Rectangle and aliens! Each week will be a different place in the world where instructor, Dr. Candace Gossen, has worked as an Archaeologist and Architect uncovering hiddensecrets and their science long forgotten. When her son was 13 she took him on a world tour to live in the cultures of the world instead of reading about them in books. Beware this class is guaranteed to inspire travel! Candace holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Archaeology, a Master of Science in Solar Architecture and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.

5708   CANTH 012   AP   9:30AM-11:30AM   F 4/24 to 5/29   RM C   Gossen   $75.00  Seats Avail: 10 of 24

INTO TO ARCHAEOLOGY (San Juan Center) (San Juan Center)
Like digging in the dirt? Uncovering some piece of pottery, or glass bottle and wondering where it came from? Well me too! I'm archaeologist Candace Gossen, and I've got stories and tools to teach. My beginnings were in the bayous of Louisiana, and the largest earthworks in North America - Poverty Point. Sometimes archaeology is pushing paper, sometimes it’s trying to find taxonomy of unknown stuff. Other times you are walking on floating peat bogs on Easter Island, or looking for a petroglyph called the Drought Panel! This class is an Introduction to Archaeology, where we will survey bones, rocks, obsidian, pollen, isotopes, statues, buildings, mounds, trees and everything that humans use, modify and leave behind-- including garbage. You will never see archaeology quite the same after this class! Come join the fun! We will be spending time in the field and in lecture with multi-media films and presentations. Expect to write, draw, and get dirty.

5710   CANTH 013   AP   11:45AM-2:00PM   TTh 4/7 to 6/18   RM C   Gossen   $90.00  Seats Avail: 23 of 26


CLAY WORKSHOP (Mount Vernon Campus)
All levels of interest and abilities are welcomed to work on self-guided projects in an open studio setting. Hand-building areas as well as pottery wheels are available for use. Some instruction in glazing will be offered. We use CKK6--a white firing stoneware body. We bisque work to ^04 and glaze fire in electric kilns to ^6. Instruction at all levels to ensure maximize learning opportunities. Materials included, and most tools available. Bring an apron, and for wheel work a towel.

6053   CART 020   AG   6:00PM-9:00PM   W 4/8 to 6/3   H119   Steveni   $199.00  Seats Avail: 8 of 15

Growing Bolder: Selfie in Oils (Mount Vernon Campus)
The focus will be on building observational and technical skills to help you create satisfying combinations of skin tones, clothing/hair textures, and exciting compositional placement for maximum impact. You will look at historical precedent, as well as receive information on materials, color mixing, palette organization, and safe practice using oils. Most lessons preceded by a practical demonstration from the model. A supply list will be posted. Some materials included.

6070   CART 040   AG   6:00PM-9:00PM   Th 4/16 to 6/11   H112   Steveni   $149.00  CLASS CLOSED

Introduction to Glass Mosaics (Hot & Cold) (Mount Vernon Campus)
This 6-week class is geared toward beginners who want to learn about basic techniques, tools and materials involved in creating mosaic art. Includes cutting, proper adhesives, substrates, design/layout and grouting. Students will be introduced to glass fusing (warm glass or kiln glass) to create components for their in-class mosaic projects. Each student will complete two projects, exploring traditional and contemporary techniques. All materials, supplies and use of tools provided. Come experience the endless possibilities of this beautiful art form! Class limited to ten--sign up early. A $40 material fee is paid to the instructor at first class.

6065   CART 036   AG   6:00PM-9:00PM   W 4/22 to 5/27   T031   Mitchell   $165.00  CLASS CLOSED

Learn The Art Of Jewelry Design (Mount Vernon Campus)
Learn the basics of jewelry design. You will make and take a bracelet and a pair of earrings. Learn to work with beads, jewelry tools, crimping, and wire. Beads will be provided but you can also bring your own beads. Required supply fee $10 to instructor, includes jewelry findings and tools for in-class use.

6072   CART 043   AG   9:30AM-12:30PM   Sa 5/2   T045   Guay   $39.00  Seats Avail: 11 of 15

Native American Flute (Mount Vernon Campus)
Come make your very own Native American style flute using a pre-tuned, pre-bored kit that will not require the use of saws or drills but just a simple hand tool and sandpaper which are provided. History behind the people who make the kits and documentary of the Native American flute and its traditional uses. You will also be inspired to add your own design through carving, wood burning, or painting and personalizing your Native flute. You will learn to play the flute even though you may not have played an instrument before. Being able to read music is not required--your instructor does not read music and explains the traditional method of play from the heart. Flute kit included.

6071   CART 042   AG   5:00PM-6:45PM   M 4/13 to 6/15   N121   Ali   $139.00  Seats Avail: 8 of 15

Soap Making-Basic and Beyond (Mount Vernon Campus)
This workshop features basic soap making, how to safely handle the materials, molding, scenting, and adding designer ingredients. This is considered a cold-processed soap-- it is NOT 'melt and pour' but a true bar soap. We'll make "pioneer" and vegan soaps and will dabble in French-Milling. You'll be given a recipe book with instructions to take with you and you'll leave with several soaps to use yourself or give as gifts. Wear old clothes and prepare to have a lot of fun! Ages 18 & up. Materials fee $5.00 paid to instructor first class.

6067   CART 037   AG   6:00PM-8:30PM   T 4/14 to 4/21   T045   Moncrief   $79.00  Seats Avail: 3 of 10

Soap Making-Making & Using Liquid Soaps (Mount Vernon Campus)
You'll learn how to formulate a hot-processed liquid soap and work with recipes to suit your needs. This is considered the next level to soap making and can include shampoos and body gels. Because of the curing process required, this is a two-session class. You will receive a recipe book with full instructions to take with you and we'll finish and take home your soap at the second session. It is recommended that you take the basic soaps class, as this will build on that workshop. please wear old clothes and prepare to have a lot of fun. Ages 18 & up. Materials fee $5.00 paid to instructor first class.

6068   CART 038   AG   6:00PM-8:00PM   TTh 6/2 to 6/4   T045   Moncrief   $69.00  Seats Avail: 6 of 10

Stained Glass Art (Mount Vernon Campus)
Discover the time-honored craft of stained glass. You will explore the process of creating a stained glass panel. Students will progress at their own pace and develop projects appropriate to their skill level--from light-catchers to lampshades. Topics to be covered include design and color as well as technical issues such as cutting, foiling and leading. Safety issues will be addressed in depth. All levels welcome. Basic materials are supplied (some glass, foil, lead and solder). A $40 material fee is paid to the instructor at first class.

6045   CART 014   AG   6:00PM-9:00PM   M 4/20 to 6/1   T045   Mitchell   $165.00  CLASS CLOSED

Watercolor Painting (Mount Vernon Campus)
In-class painting, exercises, demonstrations and individual attention to increase your skills, whether you are a beginner or more experienced. Learn about washes, glazing, color mixing, dry and wet techniques, brushes, and different brush strokes.

6043   CART 011   AG   6:00PM-9:00PM   W 4/8 to 5/27   H208   Cooper   $149.00  Seats Avail: -3 of 16

Business Management

(Almost) Free Marketing for Businesses (Mount Vernon Campus)
This class is for businesses that want to take advantage of effective marketing strategies that are available everybody, without reinventing the wheel. Not sure which marketing options are best for your business?  We will address the pros and cons of Facebook, Pinterest, Linked-In, review sites, Newsletters, Networking, and more! A great class for new businesses who don’t want to spend lots of money with little results. 

6084   CBMT 014   AG   6:30PM-8:00PM   W 4/22   N120   Shotton   $49.00  Seats Avail: 14 of 20

Facebook 201--Content for your Business Page (Mount Vernon Campus)
You have your Facebook Business page up, but have NO idea of what to put on it! This class will provide you a list of possible posting topics, as well as give you the top five ways of increasing the number of “LIKES” (which generates customer leads!) 

6088   CBMT 044   AG   6:30PM-8:00PM   W 5/20   N121   Shotton   $49.00  Seats Avail: 15 of 20

Linked InSights (Mount Vernon Campus)
Do you have a LinkedIn profile but are not sure what to do with it or how to use it? In this class we’ll show you how to navigate LinkedIn, Develop an effective profile, stay current in your industry, take advantage of email marketing options, and Increase your professional network. This will be an information packed class, so bring your notebook! Class space is limited.

6086   CBMT 017   AG   6:30PM-8:00PM   W 5/6   N121   Shotton   $49.00  Seats Avail: 20 of 24

Continuing Professional Education

Hazardous Materials Awareness Testing & Re-Testing (Mount Vernon Campus)
Written examination for certification by the Washington State Fire Protection Bureau. Candidates must score 80% to be considered for certification

6105   CFIRE 014   AG   6:00PM-6:00PM   F 3/20   TBA   Olson   $25.00  Seats Avail: 19 of 20

Alcohol Server Permit 12 or 13 (Mount Vernon Campus)
This class covers the legal aspects of responsible alcoholic beverage service for bartenders and servers including how much to serve, when to stop serving and the legal responsibilities of restaurants, bars and individuals in the service industry. This class meets the requirements for licensing by the State of Washington and is a required class for anyone working as a professional bartender or server. No prior bartending or liquor knowledge is needed. Students of this class must be between the ages of 18 – 20 for Permit 13, and 21 or over for Permit 12. Instructor is a certified trainer for the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

6253   CPROF 044   AG   1:00PM-4:30PM   Sa 5/30   T045   Ronnestad   $35.00  Seats Avail: 24 of 24

Flagging and Traffic Control (Mount Vernon Campus)
Upon successful completion, students receive a Washington State Traffic Control Flagger card approved by the State of Washington and valid for three years. Must be 18 years of age or older to receive card.

6244   CPROF 034   AG   6:00PM-9:00PM   TTh 4/21 to 4/23   T031   Prindle   $54.00  Seats Avail: 14 of 35

6245   CPROF 034   BG   6:00PM-9:00PM   TTh 5/19 to 5/21   T031   Prindle   $54.00  Seats Avail: 16 of 35

6246   CPROF 034   CG   6:00PM-9:00PM   MW 6/8 to 6/10   T041   Prindle   $54.00  Seats Avail: 34 of 35

Professional Bartending (Mount Vernon Campus)
Become a licensed Bartender! This class is designed to provide participants with the skills needed to start careers as professional bartenders. This fun and exciting class will cover how to mix, measure and serve more than 300 of today's most popular cocktails - from Electric Iced Teas and Smith & Wessons, to B-52's, Apple Martinis and Lemon Drops! Learn professional free pouring and layering techniques, bartending terms, job searching, serving in a safe and responsible manner, increasing customer satisfaction, and increasing tips! No prior liquor knowledge is required. This course includes the Alcohol Server Permit class, you do not need to register for both. Must be 18 or over. Textbook req $16 paid to instructor at first class.

6254   CPROF 045   AG   6:00PM-9:00PM   WTh 5/27 to 5/30   T045   Ronnestad   $189.00  Seats Avail: 17 of 24

TINY HOUSE DESGN/BUILD (San Juan Center) (San Juan Center)
There is a resounding trend in house building and design occurring that declares that “smaller is better, more manageable, more environmentally friendly and less of a personal financial burden .” For the young who may be accustomed to retreating into a space the size of a private bedroom or student apartment, and for the senior who is looking to shed a lifetime of collected baggage, “tiny houses” have an appeal that begs for consideration. This seminar is a comprehensive discussion of the what and how of tiny houses. Whether the structure be built on wheels, skids or on a conventional foundation, keen planning is required to be a success. Some sample structural and floor plans will be available for illustration. This is a time for practical application combined with ingenuity and imagination. Applicable building codes if any and other legal aspects will be discussed.

5857   CPROF 020   AP   9:00AM-4:00PM   Sa 4/11   RM CR   Russell   $65.00  Seats Avail: 5 of 26

Voice-Overs: Now is Your Time (Mount Vernon Campus)
YOU'VE HEARD LISA FOSTER ON TV AND RADIO COMMERCIALS! Now hear Lisa LIVE as she illustrates how YOU could actually begin using your speaking voice for commercials, films, and videos! Most people go about it the wrong way. Lisa will show you a unique, outside-of-the-box way to cash in on one of the most lucrative full or part-time careers out there! This is a business that you can handle on your own terms, on your own turf, in your own time, and with practically no overhead! And NOW is the best time to make this happen as new companies are looking for new voices like never before. This exciting and fun class could be the game changer you've been looking for! Lisa Foster's voice can be heard on commercials and narrations for such clients as: Crest Toothpaste, Olay, Cafe Appassionato, LA Weight Loss, Advanced Laser Clinics and Sleep Train.

6257   CPROF 053   AG   6:30PM-8:30PM   T 6/23   H024   Foster   $40.00  Seats Avail: 10 of 24

Early Childhood Education

Homeschool Parent Qualification (Mount Vernon Campus)
This course meets the Washington State legal requirements as a "Qualifying Course" for parents who choose to provide home-based instruction for their children. It also provides basic information for those who already qualify to homeschool or who are deciding whether the homeschool educational option fits their needs. The course content will include presentation of legal requirements and "how-to" information concerning homeschooling and develop practical skills for application in your homeschool. All class sessions are required to receive the Certificate of Completion. For information about the class content or requirements contact the instructor at (206)365-5313.

6103   CECE 011   AG   6:00PM-9:00PM   FSa 5/1 to 5/2   A125   Rosenzweig   $95.00  Seats Avail: 4 of 7

Homeschool: Intro to Homeschooling In Washington (Mount Vernon Campus)
This course provides basic information about homeschooling in Washington State, including the historical background of this educational option, as well as the current legal requirements for parents who choose to provide home-based instruction for their children. Opportunity for Q&A allows individual concerns to be addressed, like special needs students or homeschooling families moving to Washington from other states. Mount Vernon Campus.

6101   CECE 010   AG   6:00PM-8:30PM   F 5/1   A125   Rosenzweig   $55.00  Seats Avail: 15 of 15

English And Literature

CREATIVE WRITING (San Juan Center) (San Juan Center)
Dip into the craft of Creative Writing with this workshop-based course for all skill levels. Experiment with all genres including fiction, memoir, poetry, and drama. Students will read and discuss a wide variety of literature, compose original works, and participate in peer feedback. This class is intended to sharpen the writer’s skills of observation and to dissect finely crafted master works.

5754   CENGL 015   AP   8:45AM-11:00PM   TTh 4/7 to 6/18   RM C   Brennock   $90.00  Seats Avail: 24 of 26

Learn about key organizational elements: the Introduction, Conflict, and Resolution. Discover the importance of the Inciting Incident, Plot Points, and the tension-filled Climax. On a take-home handout, follow a simple outline and plug in your manuscript's information. Share your results with classmates and use your new structure guide to shape your text. You will discover most of the work has been done before you revise. A marketing/resources handout will be provided to help you with submissions.

6107   CENGL 013   AG   6:30PM-8:00PM   Th 4/30 to 5/7   N120   Harris   $49.00  Seats Avail: 17 of 24

Home Brew

Learn the fundamentals of brewing your own beer at home. This class begins with two classroom sessions of 2 hours each and provides a comprehensive course handout that will help you start your own home brewing hobby. (Or obsession as some spouses call it!) This beginning class will show you all the skills and techniques you need to brew malt extract based beers for yourself. following the classroom sessions you'll spend a day brewing a batch of your own with the instructor and your fellow students. The brewing session will be held at the local home brew shop where large brew pots, burners and propane will be provided. The lab fee for the course provides you with a take home kit of all the basic tools you'll need to get your first batch "under your belt" including the ingredients for that first brew. You will leave the brew session with your own fermentor full of five gallons of wort (unfermented beer) as well as complete instructions and equipment for fermenting, testing and bottling your beer when it is done.

6076   CBREW 011   AG   6:00PM-8:00PM   TTh 5/12 to 5/16   T031   Rock   $245.00  Seats Avail: 12 of 12

HOME BREWING: INTRODUCTION: Classroom Only (Mount Vernon Campus)
A classroom only option is also available for those who want to learn what home brewing is all about but may not yet be ready to commit to the expense of embarking on this wonderful hobby. This option may also be attractive to those who already have some of the equipment but would like to get a good introduction to the brewing process to get a better start. You may still participate in the brew day with this option so you can see the process and all the equipment in action. What you will NOT get with this option is the equipment, ingredients and fermentor full of five gallons of wort to take home on brew day.

6078   CBREW 012   AG   6:00PM-8:00PM   TTh 5/12 to 5/16   T031   Rock   $95.00  Seats Avail: 12 of 12

Physical Education

Senior Fitness (Mount Vernon Campus)
Class encourages range of motion, balance, strength training and cardiovascular exercises.

6227   CPE 025   AG   9:30AM-10:20AM   MW 4/8 to 6/15   GYM   Deschenes   $54.00  Seats Avail: 1 of 30

World Language - Italian

Beginning Conversational Italian (Mount Vernon Campus)
By the end of this class, you should be able to have a basic conversation with Italian people about common situations, travel confidently in Italy and interact appropriately in social situations. Throughout the course, you will discuss Italian culture and traditions so you can obtain a well-rounded and informed knowledge of the Italian people.

6171   CITAL 011   AG   6:00PM-8:00PM   T 4/14 to 6/2   N120   Sica   $149.00  CLASS CLOSED

World Language - Spanish

Conversational Spanish I (Mount Vernon Campus)
Learn the Spanish sound system, basic vocabulary and simple Spanish grammatical structures as you develop an ability to understand and respond to simple spoken Spanish.

6279   CSPAN 011   AG   6:00PM-8:00PM   M 4/13 to 6/8   N120   Guillen   $149.00  CLASS CLOSED