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Multimedia Degree Suggested Schedule

ATA in Multimedia and Interactive Technology

First Year

Second Year

* or CMST 125.

** Students who do not receive an appropriate test score will require additional coursework to develop necessary skills for entry into class. (WMATH 100 can substitute for BMT 111). (ENGL 170 can substitute for ENGL& 101).

*** or ART 181.

**** MIT 199 may be taken at any time after the second quarter with Department Chair approval.

***** or PE 100 plus 1 activity credit. Both PE 100 and PE 160 can be completed online.

NOTE: The Web Designer ATA degree is offered entirely online. Students may begin any quarter. This schedule represents the suggested order in which courses should be taken. Students starting Winter, Spring or Summer Qtr should enroll in the courses listed for Fall Qtr (first year) in the above schedule.