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CIS Degree Suggested Schedule

ATA in Computer Information Systems

First Year

Second Year

* BUS& 101 or 5 credits of General Education (culture, natural world or arts).

** Students who do not receive an appropriate test score will require additional coursework to develop necessary skills for entry into class. (Any MATH course over 100 may be taken in lieu of CIS 114).

*** or CMST& 210.

**** CIS 199 may be taken at any time after the second quarter with Department Chair approval

***** A valid current CPR and First aid card may be submitted in lieu of PE 200. Student must provide copies of current documents with a waiver request.

NOTE: This degree may be taken entirely online. Students entering Winter or Spring quarters will want to meet with a CIS program advisor to determine that individual schedules have the appropriate sequence of classes. Schedules may also vary based on class availability. It is strongly recommended that students continue to check individual plans with a CIS program advisor.

Digital Media Marketing Certificate

First Year

Second Year

NOTE: This certificate is designed to provide skills in digital marketing for the promotion of brands and products to consumers using digital technologies such as the Internet, digital advertising, and mobile phones.