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Education Paraprofessional Degree Suggested Schedule

ATA in Education Paraprofessional

First Year

Second Year

* or EDUC& 122

** Students who do not receive an appropriate test score will require additional coursework to develop necessary skills for entry into class. (ENGL& 101 can substitute for ENGL 170). (BMT 111 can substitute for WMATH 100 with approval of dept. chair)

*** Learning Community (5 to 10 credits) or 5 credits of General Education (culture, natural world or arts). Must be outside of technical area, approved by Department Chair.

**** For a specialization in language, students must take 15 credits of one language other than English. Other students may take elective courses under advisement.

***** or PSYC& 200 or PSYC 210.

NOTE: Student schedule may vary based on entry point, credit load, and prerequisites. Consult with department chair or SVC counselor for scheduling options. Also see Early Childhood Education (ECED) for information on a related program.