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Sustainable Agriculture Education Degree Suggested Schedule

AAST in ENV Sustainable Ag Ed. (SAgE)

First Year

Second Year

* or ENVAG 199.

** or ENVAG 128.

*** or CAHM 101.

**** or BMT 120 or 121 or 122 or MIT 149 or 270.

***** or CMST& 220.

****** Choose from various ENVC Electives.

******* or MATH& 146.

******** Learning Community (5 to 10 credits) or 5 credits of General Education (social sciences, natural sciences or humanities). Must be outside of technical area, approved by Department Chair.

NOTE: The Environmental Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAgE) AAST degree will provide the basic skills needed to manage or operate a sustainable small farm. The program is structured so students can choose to complete individual certificates or take a full series of courses to complete both certificates and the AAST.