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Social Media Guidelines


The purpose of Skagit Valley College’s (SVC) official social media platforms is to provide students, fans, followers, and visitors with information about SVC programs, department groups, and events.

SVC is dedicated to providing a meaningful educational experience for all of our students to create community. We are deeply committed to equity, diversity and inclusion within our community and our Guiding Principles: Integrity, Respect, Open and Honest Communication, Collaboration, and Compassion.

Views expressed in user comments and posts on SVC social media platforms solely reflect those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of SVC. We also recognize that a thriving academic community is not possible without our students, fans, followers, and friends sharing their thoughts with one another on our official social media accounts.

To ensure the interactions on our official social media accounts further meaningful dialogue, SVC reserves the right to monitor the conversations by removing comments, posts, and/or replies that are, or contain:

  • Not responsive to the topic, including, but not limited to, spam and similar comments promoting a product, service, or entity unrelated to the discussion;
  • Defamatory statements or personal attacks, threats, obscenity, or discriminatory harassment
    of individuals or a group of individuals;
  • Content that constitutes discriminatory harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, status, or age.
  • Personal information including, but not limited to, email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, or personal identification numbers;
  • Political statements, including comments and/or posts that endorse or oppose political candidates, political party, or ballot measure;
  • Information that could compromise the safety of the College, its employees and/or students;
  • Promotion of activity or encouragement of illegal activity or violent conduct;
  • Advocacy of, promoting, or discussing commercial activity or private business interests, including links to or advertising commercial activity or fundraising;
  • Content that infringes on any trademark, copyright, or patent rights of another;
  • Repetitive user comments, including those that are copied and pasted;
  • Impersonation of someone else.