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Pay for Print System Information

NOTE:  During remote operations due to COVID, students will be unable to use the pay for print system to print any files on-campus.  Please see the remote services page for more details: SVC Remote Services – Skagit Valley College

Also note that we are implementing a new printing system which will replace the current system below, so check back here for details once we are back in normal operations.

Skagit Valley College, Mount Vernon Campus has implemented a Pay for Print system for all students in the following student computer labs: Ford Hall 104, Angst Hall 203, Lewis Hall 221, and the Norwood Cole Library due to rising material costs and state budget reductions. Skagit Valley College was one of the few remaining state higher education institutions that did not charge students for printing.

In 2009 the college expended close to $97,000.00 for printing, paper, toner and professional support for open lab printing on the Mount Vernon campus. The college could not continue to support this service.

The Pay for Print system was implemented with two main objectives:

First, encourage students to become more aware of their printing habits. If students are encouraged to think about and be responsible for the economic impact of their printing they may choose to print less or less often.

Second, the products needed to print (toner, paper and hardware) have tangible environmental impacts. Skagit Valley College and the department of Information Technology recognizes this and wishes to help the college create a campus where institutional sustainability and resource conservation are practiced.

NOTE: There are NO REFUNDS from the Pay for Print system, please deposit the minimum amount needed for printing.

If you have questions about the operation of the system and/or reasons for its implementation please see the questions/answers below or contact us via email.

I pay fees to support technology. Don’t these support printing?

This is a GREAT question. Thank you for asking. SVC students are currently charged two fees which support technology: Student Technology and the Technology fee. The Student Technology Fee is paid by all students and supports technology projects/services. Students submit items and vote on what to pay for with this fee. The Mount Vernon campus is currently paying for part of the printing costs with this fee (quarterly credit allowance). The Whidbey Island Campus has chosen to pay for all printing costs with this fee, so the Pay for Print system is not currently in place there.

Student Technology Fee may be used for much technology related programs/projects that are in agreement with the objectives of the bylaws governing these funds.
Expenditures may be used for, but are not limited to, endeavors that expand student access to current technology, strengthen and improve access to internet resources, fund staff support for above projects.

The Technology fee is charged to all students. This fee pays for technology related costs such as: classroom technology and laptops; academic software licenses; technical assistance for students; instructional design and programming; and classroom, faculty, and staff computers.  It does not currently pay for student printing.

Will I be charged?

You will be required to pay for any printing you do in the MV campus (Ford Hall 104, Angst Hall 203, Lewis Hall 221, and the Norwood Cole Library) beyond the $5.00 credit allowance (50 pages black and white) that you receive quarterly. There are no refunds from the pay for print system.

You will not be charged for printing from the registration/counseling kiosks for anything from the MySVC toolbox such as your schedule, waitlist status, payment confirmation, etc. Using the kiosks is the recommended way to print out these items as it will be faster for you and will allow registration and admissions to serve other students with registration questions and problems.

Will I receive some free printing?

Yes, You will receive an initial $5.00 credit allowance in your printing account each quarter, which you will see as a positive balance on the balance lookup. After this credit allowance is used you will need to add to your account balance to print further. There are no refunds from the pay for print system.

How much will my printing cost?

Black and white printing is 0.10 per page and 0.15 for black and white double-sided (duplex) printing. Color printing is 0.20 per page and double-sided color printing is 0.30 per page.

Duplex printing is available in all Pay for Print labs. Color printing is only available in Ford Hall 104 and the Norwood Cole Library.

How will I add money to my account?


There are cash value-add stations in F-104 and the library. Value-add stations take cash in the form of $20.00, $10.00, $5.00, $1.00 bills, quarter, dime, and nickel coins. Value-add stations cannot make or give change for bills or coins. Follow the steps on the instruction sheet at the value add stations. There are no refunds from the pay for print system, so please deposit the minimum amount needed.

If you are using cash the value add station computer screens will look like this:

  1. Log in using your MYSVC user name and password.
  2. Place bills/coins in the machine, your deposit will appear in the amount to transfer section automatically. If not, click refresh.
  3. Click transfer to credit the deposit to your pay for print account.
  4. Your transaction is complete.


Any computer with access to the internet may be used to add balance to your pay for print account. The minimum amount that may be added when using credit/debit is $5.00. This is available here on the MySVC toolbox: https://secure.skagit.edu/payforprintdep.asp
There are no refunds from the pay for print system, so please deposit the minimum amount needed.

If you are using credit or debit, the MySVC toolbox page looks like this:

How will I check my balance?

You may check your balance at the value add stations or on the MySVC toolbox. Please note that a positive amount in your account means that you have that much to spend on printing, it is not a negative balance that you owe to SVC.

Here is a direct link to the MySVC toolbox balance lookup: https://secure.skagit.edu/payforprintbal.asp

How long will my Pay-for-Print account be active?

Your Pay for Print balance is attached to your MySVC email/network account. If you have used your MySVC email, then your account will not be deleted and your Pay for Print balance will be kept. If you have not used your MySVC email and stop attending for a quarter (not including summer), your MySVC account will be deleted, including your print balance.

Why is logging off your MySVC account now VERY important?

If you do not log off your MYSVC account your Pay for Print account will still be open, another student can print from your account. The debit to your account will not refundable.

How will I know how much my print project will cost? Can I choose not to print?

When you ask the computer to print you will see a popup similar to the one below. If the print job is unwanted or too expensive simply cancel the print job.

An Agency pays my fees, how do they pay for my printing?

We don’t currently have the ability for an agency to pre-pay in the Pay for Print system. If you use your $5 allotment and need to add to your balance, you will have to pay yourself and then seek reimbursement from your agency. If you have any further questions on agency payments, please contact the business office.

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