Basic Education for Adults

Change how you see the world

Basic Education for Adults

Change how you see the world

Basic Education for Adults

Change how you see the world
Basic Education for Adults

College & Career Bridge

The College and Career Bridge program puts students on a pathway toward their desired college major and career. Adults returning to school after a break of several years or those who are seeking to improve academic skills receive quality and supportive instruction toward gaining reading, writing, math, and academic skills needed to succeed in college level courses.

Who is eligible?

  • Any person with reading, writing or math skills below college level who is age 19 or older OR any individual who has graduated from high school is eligible to enroll in College and Career Bridge classes.
  • Individuals age 16-18 who have not graduated from high school may enroll after providing a high school release form (obtainable from the high school were you currently live), or if homeschooled, a notarized statement of homeschooling.
  • Individuals with a student or au pair (F1, M1, or J1) visa should contact the International Student Office for information on class options.

Course Options

On Ramp

Improve reading, writing, and computer skills while learning about topics that move you toward meeting your goals, whether that means completing high school or preparing to enter a college certificate or degree program.

College and Workforce Prep Academy

Improve academic readiness through mastering critical thinking, reading, writing, and computer skills to prepare to enter a college program while exploring certificate and degree options in your area of interest. This course counts as a First Quarter Experience toward a professional-technical or transfer degree.


Integrated pre-college math prepares students for entry into WMATH100 or MATH97 in a supportive, student-friendly environment.


Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) pairs a professional or technical program with Adult Basic Education courses—including reading, writing, and math skills. I-BEST provides educational access and support for students to progress further and faster along career pathways. SVC offers I-BEST as part of the following programs: Allied Health, Automotive, Early Childhood Education, Business Management, Manufacturing, Nursing, and Welding.

What is the Cost?

CCB, On Ramp, and CWPA tuition is $25 per quarter. You may take more than one CCB class at no extra cost. A tuition waiver is available for those who qualify.

Students enrolled in I-BEST pay regular tuition for the college courses, but do not pay for the CCB support class. Financial aid may be available for those who qualify.

Contact Information for Instructors

Amy Gustafson
Department Chair, Associate Faculty

Jennifer Boland

Khai Le

Jennifer Lawson
Faculty, Math

Penny Perka
Associate Faculty

Connie Pangrazi
Associate Faculty

John Drummond
Associate Faculty

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