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A world of opportunity awaits you


A world of opportunity awaits you

Frequently Asked Questions

Register for a Program Briefing
Program briefings for Fall 2022 entry will begin in early January 2022.

Are there any Math requirements?

The program includes one Math class, Introduction to Statistics, (MATH& 146) in Spring Quarter of the first year.

  • If you have not taken MATH& 146 as a part of your associate degree, once you are accepted into the program, we will work with you on completing the necessary pre-requisites.
  • If you have already taken MATH& 146 and you have less than 95 college credits, we will work with you to identify an appropriate alternate class.
  • If you have already taken MATH& 146 and you have 95 or more college-level credits, you will only take 10 credits in the Spring Quarter.
BASAM Math Preparation
For those who have not yet taken Math 98.If you have not taken Math98 or higher, you must take first take Accuplacer.

This diagnostic tool will guide us in placing you into the appropriate spot. You should refresh and practice your math skills before you take the Accuplacer, you may even find that your results satisfy the Math098 requirements!

Please note that you need to schedule a time to take this tool and that you will need a photo ID and an SVC Student ID number.

Once you have taken Accuplacer and if you did not place into Math&146, please get in touch with Sunaina to discuss next steps.

Accuplacer Preparation

We recommend taking a diagnostic assessment as the first step. We have found that this diagnosis helps us to identify the areas on which we need to focus our review.

  • Create an account using your SVC email address
  • Click on Math placement review
  • Click on Pre-Algebra and/or Algebra

We also recommend taking a practice assessment to become comfortable with the format.

  • Navigate to accuplacer practice
  • Create an account using any email address
  • Select Next-Generation Practice
  • Navigate to Quantitative Reasoning and select either Learn as you go or Sample


Arithmetic sample questions

Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, Statistics sample questions

Program Prerequisites
  • The SVC BASAM has a streamlined set of pre-requisites, which if applicable, were communicated to you in your admissions letters.
  • You must complete all program pre-requisites before receiving the codes to register for the program.
  • If you need support in completing program pre-requisites, please reach out to [email protected].
Is this an accredited program?

Yes, this program has been approved by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, the accrediting body for the colleges and universities in Washington.

Who is teaching in the program?

Faculty in the program come from a range of disciplines and backgrounds. All are experts in their fields and represent both full time faculty or professionals with considerable management and workplace experience.

What can I do with this degree?

Students with an Applied Management degree will find themselves prepared for a variety of management or supervisory positions in almost any type of business or industry. Additionally, students can use this degree to create their own business or advance themselves in their current career paths.

Will this degree prepare me for a Master's program?

This accredited Bachelor’s degree prepares students to pursue graduate programs in a variety of fields, including MBA programs.

When will classes meet?

The Bachelor in Management degree is an online program, with a Friday lunch-time faculty connect via Zoom.

What is the tuition cost?

This affordable option is nearly 2/3 less than the cost of a four-year university. Specific tuition information can be found at: www.skagit.edu/admissions/tuition-fees

What will I learn?

This program emphasizes principles of applied management in areas such as Business law, marketing, and social media, project management, organizational and interpersonal behavior, financial management, professional and organizational communications, and international business dynamics.

What does "Applied" mean?

This Bachelor of Applied Science program focuses on real-world applications, not just theory-based learning. You will be able to apply the concepts and tools to your current work, and the curriculum will ensure you have practice integrating your learning into real-world relevant business and management scenarios.

What is a Bachelor of Applied Science degree?
A Bachelor of Applied Science is a degree granted by the community and technical colleges to enable those with a non-transfer professional degree to obtain a bachelor qualification.

For more information on Applied Science degrees in Washington State, visit Applied Baccalaureate Degrees.

To find out more about the BAS in Applied Management, and to receive an application, register for a program briefing session that meets your schedule.
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