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Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy

Entry Requirements & Courses of Study

Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy

Entry Requirements & Courses of Study

Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy

Entry Requirements & Courses of Study
Entry Requirements
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Upcoming Academy Dates

Spring 2023 Academy
January 3 through April 29, 2023

Fall 2023 Academy
August through December 2023

PRLEA Scholarship Available

Please see Cost & Financing page for information on applying.

Contact Us

Rick Mossman, Commander
Public Safety Academies
Mount Vernon Campus
2405 East College Way
Mount Vernon WA, 98273
[email protected]

PRLEA Program Coordinator
[email protected]

PLEA Academy Graduation

Entry Requirements

You must:
  • Provide proof that you are 21 years of age or older, or that you will attain age 21 upon completion of the program
  • Provide documentation of a current physical examination and physician’s release attesting to your good health and conditioning. To be certain you meet the medical standards set forth by the National Park Service, consult http://www.nps.gov/refdesk/DOrders/DOrder57.html and Medical Standards.
  • Provide copies of your high school diploma/GED
  • Provide copies of all college transcripts
  • Submit three letters of recommendation
  • Pass an extensive background investigation (convictions for domestic violence, drug use over agency thresholds, or felony record will disallow entrance to the program). Program entrance applications will be reviewed by the academy commander and advisory committee for selection to the academy.

Courses of Study

  • Arrest, Search & Seizure
  • Traffic Control Techniques
  • Bombs & Explosive Devices
  • Constitutional Law/ Rules of Evidence
  • Crime Scene Management & Investigation
  • Tactical Driving (EVOC)
  • Resource Education & Interpretation
  • Interviewing & Interrogation
  • Physical Fitness/ Wellness
  • Patrol Procedures/ Field Problems
  • The Parks Law Enforcement Academy curriculum exceeds the minimum standard requirements as set forth by the National Park Service (NPS) and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). It also meets the specialized training standard required for park rangers commissioned by the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission.
  • Use of Force
  • Firearms (semi-automatic handgun/ 12-gauge shotgun/ interactive)
  • Communication/ Radio Procedures
  • Risk Management/ Civil Liability
  • Domestic Violence
  • Federal Law/ US Code
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Basic Collision Investigation
  • History of Law Enforcement
  • Basic Search & Rescue
  • Courtroom Testimony & Demeanor
  • Crime Prevention/ Physical Security
  • Natural & Cultural Resource Law
  • Environmental Crime Recognition
  • Verbal Judo/ Tactical Communications
  • Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs
  • Report Writing
  • Defensive Tactics/ Homeland Security & Domestic Preparedness
  • Chemical Agents
  • Ethics, Conduct & Professionalism
  • Officer Safety/ Survival
  • Basic First Aid/ CPR/ AED
  • WAC/ RCW
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Human Relations
  • Unusual Occurrences
  • Doppler Radar
  • Field Scenarios
  • Criminalistics
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