Outcomes & Program Review

Mapping of Outcomes & Courses

At Skagit Valley College, each learning outcome is mapped to one or more specific courses within or across programs. Those outcomes can be general education (GELO), program (PLO), and/or course-specific learning outcomes (CSLOs). Note: CSLOS are not yet loaded in Canvas or the Dashboard for Outcomes Mapping.

Faculty are expected to assess learning outcomes that are mapped to courses they are teaching during a current quarter. They will also continue to assess those outcomes throughout the year the outcomes are scheduled to be assessed.

  • Year 1: Spring 2019 through Spring 2020
  • Year 2: Summer 2020 through Spring 2021
  • Year 3: Summer 2021 through Spring 2022

This cycle is continuous into future years.

Faculty can use the “Dashboard for Outcomes Mapping” to find a list of instructors, courses and outcomes they are expected to assess. Search filters include 1) academic area, 2) program, 3) assessment cycle, 4) quarter, 5) course prefix, and 6) course name.

Note 1: Instructors are encouraged to continue to assess learning outcomes applicable to their courses even before or beyond the year the outcome is scheduled to be assessed. The more often faculty can assess an outcome within in a course and between quarters, the better.

Note 2 : Course-specific learning outcomes are not yet loaded in Canvas or the Dashboard for Outcomes Mapping. If you need help, contact the eLearning Team at [email protected].



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