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Strategic Marketing and Communications

We’re here to help you promote your program, class, event, service, and more.


There are two official versions of the logo that provide solutions for a variety of different creative formats and layout: the horizontal logo and centered stacked logo. These variations provide creative options to be used in different designs, formats, and layouts

Black and White Logo

For usage on a dark background, convert the entire logo to 100% white. For a light background consider Black or Cardinal Red.

Example of black and white primary logo.

Example of dark red on light red primary logo

Clear Space

The clear space requirement is designed to maintain the integrity of the logo. This ensures visibility and legibility. The minimum clear space of the Skagit “S” should always be applied. Try to maximize clear space whenever possible.

Example of logo showing required space around logo.

Incorrect usage

Please don’t abuse, change, or manipulate our logo in any way. Each element and color has its own purpose and we strive to keep our brand solid and consistent. The following are examples of what NOT to do with the SVC College logo:

Examples of how not to use svc logos, including changing element layout or color, incorrectly using the mascot, and changing logo colors.


Our logo must always be legible, clear, and concise. In order to do this, we have specific minimum requirements for our logo via print and screen.

Primary Logo

Print Minimum: 2.5 inches | Web Minimum: 250 pixels

Primary logo with minium sizing requirements.

Secondary Logo

Print Minimum: 1.25 inches | Web Minimum: 200 pixels

Secondary logo with minium sizing requirements.