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Sustainable Agriculture Education Degree Suggested Schedule

AAST in ENV Sustainable Ag Ed. (SAgE)

First Year

Second Year

* Students who do not receive an appropriate test score will require additional coursework to develop necessary skills for entry into class. (MATH& 107 can substitute for MATH& 146)

** or ENVAG 228.

*** Learning Community (5 to 10 credits) or 5 credits of General Education (social sciences, natural sciences or humanities) plus Integrative Experience (IE). Must be outside of technical area, approved by Department Chair or advisor. Please see INDEX regarding Learning Communities.

**** Electives must be chosen from within ENVC, the sciences, or GIS, i.e. ENVC 130, 133, 165, 231, 232, 245, 249, ENVAG 170, 171, GIS 102 or 203, et al.

NOTE: The Environmental Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAgE) AAST degree will provide the basic skills needed to manage or operate a sustainable small farm. The program is structured so students can choose to complete individual certificates or take a full series of courses to complete both certificates and the AAST.