LGBTQ Programming

Student Equity & Inclusion Services in collaboration with Student Life, Rainbow Alliance, and various SVC departments strive to support queer students and increase representation of queer identities at Skagit Valley College. We provide celebration weeks and other programs that foster a true sense of safety and belonging amongst students, faculty, and staff.

Past Events

Queer I Am

Queer I Am aims to create a liberating space that engages Queer individuals and their many communities in developing a sense of belonging and pride in Queer culture. This Summit is a collaborative project of regional colleges, community organizations, educators, students, and organizers. We are proud to invite you to join us at a summit by the people for the people!

Values central to the summit:

  • Building community through liberation and celebration of queer culture.
  • Providing spaces for safety, healing, and growth.
  • Fostering accessibility to diverse needs and levels of experience.
  • Centering voices and experiences of Queer and Trans People of Color.
  • Emphasizing solidarity amongst our queer cultural differences to develop community.
Visit the Queer I Am Facebook page for more information:

LGBTQ Pride Month – June 2016

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