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College in the High School (CHS)

Skagit Valley College’s College in the High School program is a cooperative program between local school districts and Skagit Valley College (SVC). The program allows 9th through 12th grade students the opportunity to earn SVC college credit while simultaneously earning high school credit in approved high school courses. The courses are taught by qualifying high school teachers who work closely with SVC faculty mentors to ensure that the course objectives and instructional strategies are consistent with those used in the equivalent course at SVC.


What are the Benefits of College in the High School?

  • Students can maintain their high school experience while also earning credits towards their post-secondary goals.
  • Students can experience college-level work in a familiar environment.
  • Courses completed through the College in the High School can be applied toward a degree or certificate at SVC, and is transferable to additional accredited institutions.
  • Upon completion of the course, it is recorded on the official SVC transcript under a college course title and number.
  • Completion of rigorous high school coursework and earning college credit may make a student’s college application stronger.
  • CHS students are considered SVC students and have access to SVC resources such as the Library.
  • Significant savings! Tuition for a CHS five credit course is typically 60% less than an equivalent SVC course. The cost for a five-credit College in the High School course is $210 ($42 per credit). The cost for enrolling in the same course at SVC is more than $700 for a Washington State Resident, not including textbooks. This is a significant savings to the student!
  • Students who qualify for the Free/Reduced Priced Meal Program are eligible for an additional discount. Eligible students will pay $105 for a 5-credit course, or $21 per credit instead of $42 per credit.

Considerations when Earning College Credit

While there are many benefits to obtaining college credit while taking high school classes, this is an important decision that each student should take seriously.  Before deciding, they should consider:

Impact on Grade Point Average

When a student takes a high school dual credit class, the grade becomes part of their official college transcript. That record becomes part of their college grade point average (GPA).  Often, college admissions officers will consider GPA for admission. Students should make every effort to earn good grades.

Financial Aid

Students in dual credit programs generally are not eligible for  financial aid while in high school. After high school graduation, credits earned in dual credit programs will be considered in determining financial aid eligibility.  In other words, CHS classes will count toward the maximum financial aid eligibility.