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Skagit Valley College members may need to travel in the course of conducting research, attending conferences, or other business/educational purposes. Guidelines exist to assist the booking of travel, and to ensure the responsible use of College funds. The SVC Travel Policy officially documents responsibilities, requirements, and additional resources to help arrange College sponsored travel. This includes monitoring pre-approvals, assisting with booking travel, training on travel policies and procedures, auditing and approving travel expense reports, and other travel-related tasks.

For more information, please contact Miranda Brown.

Upcoming Travel Trainings

  • April 2024 – Open Forum to Discuss Issues
  • May 2024 – Touching Base on Closing out Fiscal Year

If you want to schedule a one-on-one department training, contact Miranda Brown.

Helpful Information

The following resources are here to help navigate traveling procedures. Not seeing what you’re looking for in the below links? Contact Miranda Brown.
A checklist of things to know when you’re planning your trip and before you go on your trip.
Step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) for creating a ctcLink Travel Authorization.
Step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) for creating a ctcLink Expense Report.
This section will be updated soon. Check back later for more info!

Step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) for creating a ctcLink Cash Advance. 

Breakdown of Traveling for SVC

All airfare is required to be paid with a college card issued by the Business Services Office. Airfare purchased with a traveler’s own funds/miles will not be reimbursed.

Air travel should be booked through Alaska Eazy Biz. This is separate from the general Alaska Airlines site. To sign up, contact Teresa Miller. If Alaska does not travel to a specific location or travel time is significantly higher, travelers may book flights through an alternative airline with proof of three (3) quotes. When choosing which flight to purchase, time and cost are both considered.  

Rental Car
Car rentals can be reimbursed or charged to a Business Services credit card. The College has a contract with Enterprise/National. Travelers should book with either Enterprise or National unless there is no option available for the desired location. Contact Teresa Miller for instructions on how to use our state contract with Enterprise/National. 

Rentals are limited to the standard vehicle class unless circumstances dictate a larger vehicle is needed for the business purpose. If a traveler needs to rent a passenger van they should contact Facilities for Motor Pool availability. Renting a vehicle in lieu of using the Motor Pool or personal vehicle may be approved by the traveler’s supervisor on a case-by-case basis. 

Charges related to lost keys for vehicle rentals will not be reimbursed. 

Fuel and gas can be reimbursed or charged to a Business Services credit card when it’s for College Motor Pool or rental vehicles. Receipts must indicate if the vehicle was a College car or rental car. 

Fuel and gas for personal vehicles are non-reimbursable nor eligible to be purchased on a college p-card. Instead, employees are paid mileage at the current IRS rate. See the next section, “Mileage Reimbursement.”

Mileage Reimbursement
Mileage can be reimbursed for the use of a personal automobile for business purposes at the current IRS rate. Departments may choose to pay a mileage rate lower than the IRS rate but must be agreed in advance of travel. The College does not pay mileage in advance of travel.
Lodging can be reimbursed, or charged, to a Business Services credit card for overnight stays if traveling more than 50 miles from the closer of a traveler’s home/official work station. Travelers should attempt to obtain the lowest cost available with reasonable considerations of convenience. It is recommended to either contact the lodging location directly or search online to inquire about government rates (most major facilities will automatically offer or match state location per diem rates). Lodging that exceeds standard location per diem rates, must be approved prior to travel. Costs over per diem without prior approval form will not be reimbursed.


Non-Reimbursable Expenses
The following is a list of expenses that will not be reimbursed by the College. This list is intended as a guide and is not inclusive of all expenses which are not reimbursable by the College: 

  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Excessive meals, lodging, tips, etc. 
  • Movies charged to hotel bills 
  • Commuting costs between Official Residence and Official Workstation 
  • Damage to personal vehicles 
  • Traffic fines, court costs, parking violations, and towing charges 
  • Expenses for children, spouses and companions 
  • Personal grooming services, such as barbers, hairdressers, and shoe shines 
  • Annual premiums for personal property insurance or annual fees for personal credit cards, including liability insurance for lost cards 
  • Doctor bills, prescriptions, and other medical services, unless covered by the College’s health benefit plans 
  • Credit card delinquency fees, overcharge fees, or finance charges 
  • Bank or ATM fees 
  • Certain travel expenses, as listed in the SVC Travel Policy 

Contact | Travel

Miranda Brown
SVC Travel Administrator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 360.416.7646