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On Campus Housing

Northwest-style living, right on campus


How Do I Apply for Campus View Village?

Applying for on-campus housing is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Download and complete an online application packet, found HERE.
  2. Submit your $100.00 application fee in one of the ways outlined in the application.
  3. When a room is offered by CVV staff, accept the space by the stated deadline and pay the $225.00 security deposit.
Will Financial Aid Cover My Housing in Campus View Village?

When a student receives financial aid, they are given an amount deposited into their student account at SVC. If the cost of tuition and course fees are less than the amount received from financial aid, a refund will be issued directly to the student. Students can then use this refund to pay for their CVV rent by paying online HERE, at the Cashier’s office in Lewis Hall, or in the CVV office. Rent is not automatically paid by financial aid.

What Kitchen Supplies Will I Need to Bring?

If you have some extra pots and pans, glasses, or utensils – bring them if possible. Your roommates may have a lot / or very little in the way of supplies. There are some thrift stores in the area that residents favor for supplies. The Mount Vernon / Burlington area boasts a wide variety of stores, either independent or within shopping malls if you favor new items.

Is Smoking Allowed in the Building or Apartments?

Campus View Village maintains a “NO SMOKING” policy in all indoor areas. Residents comply with this by smoking in designated smoking areas located away from buildings. Students who wish to request roommates who are non-smokers should do so on their roommate preference form within their application. We will try to accommodate this request, if possible.

Is There Parking Available for My Automobile?

Parking is available for residents who choose to bring a vehicle with them to Campus View Village. Residents must register their vehicles with the Campus View Village Main Office and SVC security personnel. The parking lot is private and reserved for Campus View Village residents and their guests only. Annual Campus View Village parking permits are available for students at the Main Office upon completion of a Vehicle Registration Form and are good from September 1 through August 31 of the stated academic year.

Are Pets Allowed at Campus View Village?

For reasons of health and sanitation pets (of any type) are not to be kept on the premises. Students who require service or comfort animals must contact the CVV office to discuss the process for making this request.

When Can I Expect Some Quiet Time to Study or Sleep?

Noise that unreasonably disrupts roommates or neighbors at any time will not be tolerated. During “Quiet Hours” noise should not be heard outside of an apartment. Quiet Hours are in place during the following times:

  • Sunday – Thursday: 10pm – 9am
  • Friday – Saturday: 12am – 9am
How Do Roommates Handle Buying Food and Supplies?

Residents handle the purchasing of food items in several different ways, depending on their tastes, friendships, and money situations. Some pool their money and buy items to be used in common, such as toilet paper, kitchen condiments, cleaning items and paper towels. Others take turns (a weekly rotation) when buying the common items. Some roommates make buying items a personal choice — where individual students purchase these items themselves and keep them in their private bedrooms. The key to roommates “getting along well” is to make certain that no matter what system is used, each roommate understands and agrees to that system.

What Do I Do if I’m Locked Out of My Apartment or Bedroom?

CVV’s on-site staff is reachable 24/7 through our on-call phone number: 360.708.0151. You can call this number at any time any day and a staff member will be able to assist you in getting into your apartment. This number is also useful in reporting information that CVV staff should have.

Who Should I Contact if I Witness Suspicious Activity?

If you are witnessing a crime in progress, call 9-1-1.  If you are seeing something concerning or suspicious, you can contact SVC Campus Security 24/7 at 360-416-7777.  The CVV on-site staff is also reachable 24/7 at 360.708.0151.  SVC’s ability to address situations is dependent upon getting informed of situations as they are happening, don’t wait to report things!

What Do I Do if I Am Having Roommate Issues? How Can I Prevent Issues From Coming Up?

All apartments are provided Roommate Agreement forms at the start of the quarter. This guide can help you and your roommates talk about common issues and compromise on what people are comfortable with. Even if you don’t use the form, having conversations early and understanding what everyone is comfortable with helps prevent issues. If conflict does arise, be direct (but respectful) in communicating with your roommate(s). If that doesn’t work, you can reach out to CVV staff for suggestions, support, or even formal mediation.