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Comfortable options for our students


Comfortable Options for Our Students


Comfortable Options for Our Students
Off Campus Options

Student Employment Opportunities

CVV has two distinct job opportunities for residents – Resident Advisors and Office Assistants.

At this time CVV is not currently hiring or accepting applications for any student employees.


Resident Advisors

CVV employs 4 Resident Advisors (RAs) at all times. These students are peer leaders in the community, dedicated to increasing community development and residential learning through programming and providing resources. Additionally, RAs participate in a regular duty rotation which involves responding to the on-call duty phone, performing multiple safety/security rounds every night, and providing assistance to residents in need. RAs will also be asked to perform administrative duties and occasionally assist with office coverage. This time commitment usually accounts for approximately 10 hours of work per week. Compensation for the RA position includes free CVV rent and a quarterly stipend. While not required for employment, heavy priority will be given to residents who have lived in CVV for at least one quarter.

Office Assistants

CVV employs anywhere from 3-5 Office Assistants (OAs) as often as possible. These students supplement and support the work of the Administrative Services Manager. Typical work duties include answering questions, providing resources, distributing mail, filing, data entry, assisting with lock-outs, performing new resident check-ins, performing leaving resident check-outs, and assisting with rent or fee payments. OAs will work a set weekly schedule (with some exceptions when need increases), and can expect to work 6-15 hours a week, depending on need. Compensation for the OA position is in line with SVC’s pay scale for Office Assistant II positions, which usually aligns with the state minimum wage. While not required for employment, heavy priority will be given to residents of CVV.

For either position, postings around CVV and emails to resident’s SVC email accounts will be distributed when applications are being accepted. In all instances, application instructions will be provided in marketing materials.