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The Pharmacy Technician program prepares students for the role of support personnel in the hospital, clinical, home health care agencies, mail-order and retail pharmacies. Working under the direction of a licensed pharmacist, Pharmacy Technicians provide assistance to the pharmacist in a variety of tasks involving the packaging, distribution, compounding, labeling, and recording of drugs.

International Student Cost of Attendance

2018 – 2019 Fees

Fees 9 Months (3 Quarters) Per Quarter (3 Months)
Tuition* $10,230.00 $3,410.00
Room $4,770.00 $1,590.00
Food/Living Expenses $2,850.00 $950.00
Books $900.00 $300.00
Medical Insurance $1,017.00 $339.00
Total $19.767.00 $6,589.00**

Following is a breakdown of the cost per credit:

Credits Amount Per Quarter
12 $3,188.06
13 $3,262.04
14 $3,336.02
15 $3,410.00
16 $3,483.98
17 $3,557.96
18*** $3,628.44

*Tuition is subject to change by the Washington state legislature and/or the SVC Board of Trustees.

Tuition rates above include the following fees: Student Technology Fee of $5.00 per credit ($40 Maximum), a student Self-Assessed Fee of $1.50 per credit ($15 maximum), a General Fee of $4.50 ($67.50 maximum) and a Universal Tech Fee of $10.00 per credit. Some courses may have additional fees. See SVC website at

*Tuition is based on taking 15 credits per quarter. Immigration requires that students take at least 12 credits per quarter.

** Official bank statement must be submitted with application showing adequate funds equal to or greater than $19,930.00.

***Students in Intensive English Program will be enrolled in 18 credits per quarter.

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