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Basic Education for Adults

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English Language Acquisition

If you would like to improve your English language skills, our English Language Acquisition (ELA) program provides English language instruction in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and college readiness. These skills can help you prepare for the transition to pursue a high school diploma, college certificate or degree programs, and employment.

What you Will Learn 

English Language Acquisition (ELA) offers beginning, intermediate and advanced classes primarily for immigrants in our community. Classes emphasize listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Who is Eligible?

  • Individuals with limited English skills who are age 19 or older OR who have graduated from high school are eligible to enroll in ELA classes.
  • Individuals age 16-18 who have not graduated from high school may enroll after providing a high school release form (obtainable from the high school in your current district), or if homeschooled, a notarized statement of homeschooling.
  • Individuals with a student or au pair (F1, M1, or J1) visa should contact the International Student Office for information on class options.

Want to get enrolled? Your first step is apply online.

What is the cost?

ELA tuition is $25 per quarter. You may take more than one ELA class at no extra cost. A tuition waiver is available for those who qualify.

Contact Information for Faculty

For information, please email: [email protected] or call 360.416.7654.

Sandra Lopez
Academic Advisor: English Language Acquisition (habla español)
Email: [email protected]

Amy Gustafson
Associate Dean of Student Support Programs
Email: [email protected]

Brienne Boesiger
English Language Acquisition Department Chair
Email: [email protected]

Jen Boland
Interim Dean for Basic Education for Adults and English for Academic Purposes
Email: [email protected]

Want to get enrolled? Your first step is to apply online.