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Flexible Schedule—Study Anywhere, Anytime


Flexible Schedule—Study Anywhere, Anytime


Flexible Schedule—Study Anywhere, Anytime


1. What courses are offered online?

Many of our courses are available online. To locate the online course offerings, you will need to use the Course Schedule Search tool. The tool has drop-down menus you use to search courses offered by quarter, department and location. Note that “Location” drop-down menu allows you to select “Online”; click “Search” to display the results.

2. How do I apply to Skagit Valley College?

Visit the Admissions website to learn about applying to SVC. Interested students who wish to apply can do so online. Please note that applications will take up to 5 business days to process. Any questions about the application/admissions process should be directed to Admissions

3. What happens after I have applied to SVC?

After you apply, the Admissions office will review your application and notify you of their decision. Approximately 24 hours after you receive notification of your admittance to Skagit Valley College, an SVC email account will be generated for you and you will be given your ctcLink ID as your student ID number. The Getting Started pages will walk you through the steps you will need to follow from admission to starting classes. 

4. How do I log in to MySVC email?
  1.  Go to the MySVC website
  2.  Click on “My Gmail” at the top of the page
  3.  Enter your MySVC Email: Your SVC email is the first initial of your first name, your full last name, followed by the last 4 digits of your student identification number (SID) or ctcLink ID. Example: [email protected].
  4.  Enter your password

If you are unsure of your password, use the password reset tool to create your password for the first time or reset it.

5. How do I create (or change) a password?

In order to log in to MySVC email, Canvas and on-campus computers, you will need to create a password. To do so, go to the MySVC webpage and use the Student Tool Box in the left corner to locate “Account Tools” and then select “NEW: Change MySVC Password ctcLink

You can also use this tool to reset your password if you forget it. 

6. Am I required to use MySVC email?

Every student has a free official SVC email account created for them. This is the primary way that the college and your instructors will be communicating with you, so it is highly recommended that you check it often. You are required to use this email to log into many SVC tools, such as Canvas.

7. Is there an orientation for online students?

Yes. All new students are required to complete the Cardinal Pre-flight Online Orientation on Canvas. Use your username and password to your MySVC account to log in. If you are accessing the online orientation from your phone, you may consider downloading the Canvas app. Additional orientation resources, which include “WeekZero eLearning Orientation” are available on our Training and Help page.

8. How do I know which classes are right for me?

To determine which classes may be best for you, part of the enrollment process is going through various course placement methods. Additionally, you can reach out to Counseling and Advising for assistance in deciding which classes you may want to take. 

9. Can I talk to an advisor without coming to campus?

Yes, online advising options are available for current or prospective students. These sessions are short, up to a maximum of 30 minutes long. If you would like to make an appointment with an Advisor, or have a general question, please call 360.416.7654 or email [email protected].

10. How do I register for an online or hybrid course?

Registration for online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses all follow the same process. It can be completed in-person or online using the MySVC webpage and choose “Registration Tools” or by going directly to ctcLink. Follow the guide for enrolling in classes or view other ctcLink resources for assistance.  

For more information about the steps needed before you can register, see an overview of the new student process.

11. What are the computer specifications for online courses?

In general, you will need a computer with reliable internet connection that can run Canvas, as most online coursework is done through Canvas. Review the browser and computer requirements for Canvas to see if your current device is up to date and will be able to run Canvas. Canvas will still run with the minimum specifications, but you may experience slow loading times. If your computer does not meet minimum requirements, you will likely be missing some content and be unable to fully participate in your classes. 

If you need a laptop or hotspot for internet, you can check them out from the campus libraries. Additionally, the libraries have a guide on free and low-cost computer and internet resources.

12. How do I rent or purchase a text book for an online course?

Textbooks can be rented or purchased online from the Cardinal Bookstore. On their website, select “Shop Now” to use their textbook ordering tool to find out what textbooks you need for your classes and how to order them. 

If you cannot afford textbooks from the bookstore, consider reaching out to your instructor, as they may be able to recommend where else you can get the required textbook from.

13. How do access my online classes?

SVC uses Canvas for our online classes, which can be accessed through the website or the Canvas App. Use your MySVC email address and self-created password to log in. Reference our Canvas Quick Guide for help getting started on Canvas.

14. When do my online classes begin?

Online courses begin on the first day of the quarter, as listed on the SVC Important Dates calendar. Some instructors open their course early and students are encouraged to become familiar with the course layout prior to the first day of instruction. eLearning courses are not self-paced. They have scheduled start and stop dates, regular assignments, and project due dates, but since the classroom is online, you can work on your class at the time and place most convenient for you.

15. I cannot log in to Canvas or MySVC email. What do I do?

If you are having trouble logging into Canvas, try using the SVC password reset tool. Please keep in mind that this will also reset your password for your MySVC student email. If that does not work, you can view our help guide for being unable to sign in or contact us at [email protected]


16. Why an I unable to see why Canvas course?

Some instructors do not make their courses available to students until the first day of the quarter or may need additional time to prepare the course content during the first day or two of the quarter.  To see if your course just is not published yet, log in to Canvas and go to Courses on the left navigation and then select All Courses. You should see all your courses there and if they have been published yet. For more help view the guide on how to view a list of all of your courses.

If your course is listed but you’re not able to access it, you can to contact your instructor to ask when you will have access to it. If you do not see your course listed under All Courses contact Enrollment.

17. Why is a course appearing that I am not registered for?

Some instructors choose to combine multiple course sections into one Canvas course shell. You will be able to see the section you are registered for if you go in to the Canvas course, then select “People” from the left navigation. Across the top of the “People” page, there will be a list of class sections. If you do not see the section you are registered to, contact eLearning at [email protected].

18. How do I get help with Canvas?

You can quickly search Canvas guides and report performance problems from anywhere within Canvas using the “Help” link located in the lower left of your screen. You can also contact eLearning at [email protected]

19. How do I post to a discussion in Canvas?

To post a reply to a discussion, log into Canvas and navigate to the the correct course. Then, depending on how the instructor has set up the course, you may need to find the discussion listed in Modules, Assignments, or Discussions. Once you have found it, select the title of the discussion, select “Reply” and then compose your message. For more information, view the guide on replying to Canvas discussions

20. How do I upload a file as an Assignment submission in Canvas?

To upload a file to an assignment, log into Canvas and navigate to the the correct course. Then, depending on how the instructor has set up the course, you may need to find the assignment listed in Modules or Assignments. Once you have found it, select the title of the assignment, click on “Submit Assignment” in the right corner and use “Choose File” or “Browse” to locate the file from your computer. For more information, view the guide on how to submit files for an assignment

21. I am having difficulty viewing content or submitting an assignmnent or discussion on Canvas.

There are several reasons you may be experiencing difficulty, however, the most common issue is an outdated internet browser. We recommend having two or more of the latest versions of internet browsers installed on your device. View Canvas supported internet browsers and download or reinstall current versions. Some supported browsers may still produce a banner stating, Your browser does not meet the minimum requirements for Canvas. If you have upgraded your browser and you are still seeing the warning banner, try logging out of Canvas and deleting your browser cookies. Learn how to clear your cache on a Mac or a PC.

22. I don't have Microsoft Office available at home. What options are available?

As an SVC student, you can Download Microsoft Office for free. Alternatively, you may choose to use Google Apps to create and store documents; it is free and available within your MySVC email account.

23. If I am an online student can I use the computer labs on campus?

Yes, you are welcome to use the computer labs on campus. In addition to the computer labs, there are also computers available for use in the campus libraries

24. How do I find my unofficial SVC grades?

You can view our unofficial transcript in ctcLink. Follow the guide to view your unofficial transcript for assistance or visit our ctcLink student resources website.

25. How do I find out when my registration date and time is?

Go to the MySVC webpage and use the Student Tool Box in the left corner to locate “Registration Tools” and then select “View Registration Date/Time”. Follow the guide to find your enrollment date for assistance or visit our ctcLink student resources website.