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Course Placement

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Course Placement

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Course Placement

Students Welcome
Course Placement

Transcript Evaluation

If you have previously taken college coursework at another accredited college or university, you may be able to use those courses for your benefit at Skagit Valley College. Previous math and English classes may establish course placement, while other courses may apply toward a degree or certificate at SVC.

Placement for math and/or English

For placement into your math and/or English courses, you may provide an unofficial transcript to your advisor at Cardinal Take Off. This will assist with placement into your first quarter of courses only, and not provide you with credit or a continuation of the courses serving as prerequisite courses.

It is in your best interest to submit your transcripts from your prior colleges in order for the credit to be awarded, and continue to serve as pre-requisite coursework for any future quarter at SVC.

In order for any courses to apply to your program of study, you must have an official transcript evaluated for transfer credits.

Should I request a transcript evaluation?

Yes, if you:

  1. Plan to earn a degree or certificate at SVC.
  2. Want to use previous course credit to fulfill pre-requisite requirements.

If classes elsewhere apply to a pre-requisite for an SVC class, you may use an unofficial copy of your transcript to receive permission to override prerequisites, though you will want to follow up with a transcript evaluation because those courses will not continue to satisfy pre-requisite courses in future quarters

How do I have my transcript(s) evaluated?

  • Order official transcripts from all other colleges or universities you have attended
  • SVC recommends you order an unofficial transcript for yourself at the same time. You mayuse the unofficial copy for advising purposes only in your first quarter of enrollment.
  • Submit a Transcript Evaluation Request.

How long does it take?

Please allow up to 8 weeks from the receipt of all materials for the completed evaluation.

Can I receive a copy of my other college transcript(s) from SVC?

Transcripts, once received, become the property of the college and will not be released to students or others.

International Transcript Application and Evaluation Process

To have your international transcript evaluated, please follow the steps here.

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