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The SVC Financial Aid Office now accepts most financial aid forms electronically, via email.

Due to the complexity of financial aid, our email inbox is for document submission only. If you have questions regarding your financial aid, please contact us in-person or over the phone.

Forms submitted via mySVC email:
If you submit forms using your official mySVC email account, they do not need to contain your handwritten signature. To submit your form using your mySVC email account, follow the steps below. Note: It is recommended that you use a Windows PC and either Firefox or Google Chrome browsers to complete and submit your documents—Not all MAC Computers support the Adobe Forms functionality.

  1. Open the required form and fill it out completely, including typing your name on the signature line, if applicable.
  2. Save the completed form to your computer (on your desktop or to a folder on your PC). You must save your form before attaching it to your email to ensure the information you have entered is saved.
  3. Open your mySVC email account and create a new email addressed to
  4. Attach your completed, saved form to the email, and click send.

Forms submitted via non-SVC email:
Any forms submitted using an email address other than your mySVC email account must contain all required handwritten signatures.


Financial Aid Forms

2024 – 2025 Forms


Other Important Financial Aid Documents

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy
2024-2025 Conditions of Award - Coming Soon

Last Updated 6/24/2024