Financial Aid

Helping you finance your education

Financial Aid

Helping you finance your education

Financial Aid

Helping you finance your education
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Emergency Assistance at Skagit Valley College

We understand challenges can arise during your educational journey and we are here to support you. Skagit Valley College offers several emergency funding resources available to students. Each resource has a different application, and you may be able to apply for more than one. Please review each application carefully to ensure you are providing all necessary information.

Emergency & Childcare Program Eligibility Guidelines

Applicants to this program must meet the following criteria:

  • Actively enrolled in the current quarter and attending class
  • Have a 2.00 GPA
  • If eligible, complete the FAFSA/WASFA application
  • The maximum award for:
    • Student Emergency Assistance fund is $1,000 per academic year
    • Childcare Assistance fund is $1,500 per quarter
  • If receiving Financial Aid, eligibility will be based on the cost of attendance and current aid amounts
  • Must not be on financial aid drop suspension
  • Must not owe money to the college

Note: Awards are made on a first come, first served basis and dependent on available funding. Some flexibility in these guidelines may be provided.

Student Emergency Assistance

Student Emergency Assistance aims to make access to emergency funding as low barrier as possible and is designed to be inclusive of all students regardless of whether you meet the traditional definition of a “needy student.” The fund is only allocated for sudden, urgent, or unforeseen occurrences that require immediate attention and would impact the student’s ability to stay in College and complete their educational goal. Student emergency support funds include: housing costs, gas, bus passes, child and health related expenses, groceries, meals, utilities, and books. If you are receiving Financial Aid, eligibility will be based on the cost of attendance and current aid amounts. Awards are based on availability of funds.

Types of emergency awards include: 

Types of Awards
Column one has the types of awards available, column two shows the amount of money is awarded and how often it is awarded.
Rent $1,000 annually
Auto Repairs $1,000 annually
Gas $150 per quarter
Bus Pass $20 per quarter
Child Related Costs $1,500 per quarter
Health Related Costs $500 annually
Groceries $200 per quarter
Essential Utilities $300 annually
Technology $500 annually


Application Process

Interested students must complete the application and attach supporting documentation including a statement of need explaining the situation and describe how the funds will be used. Please be as thorough as possible in answering the questions on the Emergency Assistance Application (attach a separate page describing your situation or any documentation if necessary). After your application is received, staff will verify class participation and attendance, check financial aid eligibilityreview documentation, and award funds based on information provided on the application. Once a decision has been made, applicants will be notified by email and/or phone.

Emergency Assistance Application:


For questions about your application please contact:

Debbie Wysomierski
[email protected]

Childcare Assistance

The Childcare Assistance fund can assist you with the cost of out-of-pocket dependent care expenses for dependents residing with you during the academic year for care incurred as a result of attending classes at Skagit Valley College (i.e. during periods that include but are not limited to class time, study time, fieldwork, internships, and commuting time to and from SVC). Please complete all of the information requested in both applications. Do not include children over the age of 12. Dependents can include any children for whom you are the legal guardian, stepchildren, or siblings who reside in your household whom you are responsible for caring for. Childcare providers must be licensed by the Washington State Department of Early Learning. 

To qualify for Childcare assistance you must be at or below the gross income levels for your family size as shown below:

Family Size Monthly Gross Income Annual Gross Income
2 $3,458.33 $41,500.00
3 $4,250.00 $51,000.00
4 $5,041.67 $60,,500.00
5 $5,875.00 $70,500.00
6 $6,666.67 $80,000.00
7 $6,833.33 $82,000.00
8 $7,000.00 $84,000.00
9 $7,125.00 $85,500.00
10 $7,291.67 $87,500.00
11 $7,458.33 $89,500.00

Emergency Childcare Application:

W-9 form:

Childcare Income Guidelines:


For questions about your application please contact:

Debbie Wysomierski
[email protected]


If approved for funding, payment process will be determined by the College on a case-by-case basis. In most cases, award payments will be available within 3-5 business days after approval. The student will be notified when a check is mailed, ready to pick up, or has been sent directly to the childcare provider.

Change of Circumstances for Financial Aid Recipients

Students receiving financial aid at Skagit Valley College who have experienced significant family changes that have impacted the income amounts reported on the FAFSA, may complete a Change of Circumstance Petition for consideration. Examples include significant loss of income due to termination, layoff, injury or other circumstance beyond your control, one-time/non-recurring income, unreimbursed medical payments, martial separation or divorce. Visit the Change of Circumstances webpage for more information.

External Resources 

  • Puget Sound Energy is offering additional resources and bill paying assistance for some customers. Visit PSE’s Covid-19 response page HERE to see if you qualify. 
  • The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program provides a temporary discount on monthly broadband bills for qualifying low-income households. Visit https://getemergencybroadband.org/ to see if you qualify. 
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