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dəxʷx̌ayəbus-Dental Therapy Program

Program Admissions

dəxʷx̌ayəbus Dental Therapy Program is a selective admissions program with a dedicated application process.  dəxʷx̌ayəbus accepts one (1) cohort each year. The start of a cohort begins each Fall quarter (i.e. Fall 2023, Fall 2024, etc.).

Prospective candidates who successfully complete the application process will be invited to a formal interview.  Once they pass the interview, competitive candidates will be informed of a provisional acceptance into dəxʷx̌ayəbus.  Candidates must then successfully pass each secondary review criteria (see below) to include submitting required proof of current immunizations and health insurance before full acceptance is granted into dəxʷx̌ayəbus Dental Therapy Program.

Admissons Process

All applicants are considered for admissions based on individual review of their credentials based on the following review criteria.

 Primary Review Criteria:

  • Must have a High School diploma or higher degree certificate.
  • Must be 18 years or older at time of application submission.
  • Must submit proof of 50-200 hours of dental-related (paid and/or unpaid) experience.

 Secondary Review Criteria (after provisional acceptance granted):

  • Must pass a comprehensive background check including a national multi-state criminal background check.
  • Must pass a drug-screening test.
  • Must submit proof of current immunizations/vaccinations against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, MMR, hepatitis B, varicella, annual influenza, COVID vaccination & booster, and negative Tuberculosis (TB) evaluation.
  • Must submit proof of health insurance.


Schedule a required Informational Session by contacting [email protected].


Complete SVC Inquiry Form.

Under Program Information section, Anticipated Start* - Choose FALL 20XX.

Under Program Information section, Primary Program of Interest* - Choose Dental Therapy Program.



Complete Dental Therapy Application.

  • When submitting 50-200 hrs. of dental-related (paid and/or unpaid) experience, download the blank copy of dəxʷx̌ayəbus Verification of Work-Volunteer Experience Form which is located on dəxʷx̌ayəbus Dental Therapy’s main web page.



Complete applicable Online Admissions Application Portal (OAAP).
Carefully follow SVC Admissions instructions. Choose the correct OAAP depending on which student description most closely matches your educational goals.


If you haven’t already done so, complete FAFSA and, if applicable, WASFA Applications to start the financial aid process to help you finance your education.

Feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office for additional assistance.

dəxʷx̌ayəbus-Dental Therapy Program contact information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 360.416.7652