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 Course Title:   Advanced Writing in Science

 Title Abbreviation:   ADV WRITING IN SCIENCE

 Department:    ENGL

 Course #:    324

 Credits:    5

 Variable:     No

 IUs:    5

 CIP:    n/a

 EPC:    n/a

 REV:    2017

 Course Description  

Focuses on the skills necessary to write in the natural sciences. Problems common to all technical writing will be discussed. Develop effective ways to describe equipment, processes and procedures; to classify, analyze, and present information; explain principles, laws, and concepts. Intensive peer review is a strong component. The course includes a significant research component.


Prerequisite: Admission to BASEC or Department Chair permission.

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Contact Hours (based on 11 week quarter)

Lecture: 55

Lab: 0

Other: 0

Systems: 0

Clinical: 0

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Vocational Preparatory N/A  

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Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Recognize and use the conventions governing the dissemination of scientific knowledge.
  2. Learn to define the context for different kinds of scientific writing lab and research reports, reviews of literature, scientific arguments, etc. and develop the appropriate written response.
  3. Write concisely, concretely, and accurately to present complex scientific ideas clearly for scientific and lay audiences.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to find, evaluate, synthesize, and integrate necessary information for the completion of a project.
  5. Effectively and ethically incorporate appropriate scientific exhibits (graphs, charts, etc.) as part of textual communication.
  6. Analyze own writing strengths and areas for improvement and develop strategies for ensuring effective completion of written assignments.
  7. Increase ability to workshop. Respond effectively to peers’ work in progress, to revise own texts in response to feedback, and participate in collaborative learning activities.

General Education Learning Values & Outcomes

Revised August 2008 and affects outlines for 2008 year 1 and later.

Course Contents

  1. Conventions governing the dissemination of scientific knowledge.
  2. Definitions of different kinds of scientific writing.
  3. How to write concisely and convey scientific ideas clearly for various audiences.
  4. How to find, evaluate, synthesize, and integrate necessary information for the completion of a project.
  5. Conventions of graphs and tables.
  6. How to organize a writing project.
  7. How to work with peer review processes at various levels.