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Online Schedule Search Results

Qtr/Item Course Title/Description Status Day/Time LC / IE Campus Rm Inst Cr Request Section
Summer  #B350 OFTEC 098 A Computer Basics Cancelled TTh 12:30PM Mount Vernon Campus F110 Nunn B 2 Request
Summer  #B353 OFTEC 099 A Keyboarding-beginning Cancelled TTh 10:30AM Mount Vernon Campus Hybrid F110 Spinnie K 4 Request
Summer  #2634 OFTEC 122 DE Ms Word I Open ARRANGED N/A Online Oakes T 3 Request
Summer  #2653 OFTEC 147 DE Practical Acounting III Full ARRANGED N/A Online Oakes T 5 Request
Summer  #2660 OFTEC 162 DE Microsoft Office Basics Full ARRANGED N/A Online Nunn B 3 Request
Summer  #B376 OFTEC 199 A Coop Education Experienc Permission Required ARRANGED N/A Mount Vernon Campus Veltri B 6 Request
Schedule Search Results Table
Dept Num Sec Qtr & Item Cr Status Campus Detail
OFTEC  098  A Summer  #B350 2 Cancelled Mount Vernon Campus view
OFTEC  099  A Summer  #B353 4 Cancelled Mount Vernon Campus Hybrid view
OFTEC  122  DE Summer  #2634 3 Open Online view
OFTEC  147  DE Summer  #2653 5 Full Online view
OFTEC  162  DE Summer  #2660 3 Full Online view
OFTEC  199  A Summer  #B376 6 Permission Required Mount Vernon Campus view

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