Safety, Security & Parking

Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

Safety, Security & Parking

Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

Safety, Security & Parking

Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

A Safe Place to Work and Learn

At Skagit Valley College, the safety of our students, employees, and visitors is our primary concern. The following information will inform you what SVC Security services are available to you.

SVC employs full-time Campus Security Officers and part-time Security Guards. These officials are non-sworn, non-commissioned college employees. Campus Security Officers and Guards work closely with local law enforcement and emergency responders to ensure the safety and security of all our locations.

Please review our Annual Security Report for more information about SVC crime prevention, fire safety, crime reporting policies, disciplinary procedures, and other matters of importance related to security and safety on campus.

Notifications Issued Through SVC Rave Alert System

Skagit Valley College uses RAVE as our Emergency Notification System. RAVE is used to communicate with students and employees in the event of a college emergency, weather-related delay, or closure of a campus. The RAVE Alert system can send email and text message notifications directly to your mobile phone. You can learn more about the RAVE Alert system and how to sign up for additional notifications by visiting

Mount Vernon Campus Security Office

Mount Vernon Campus Security personnel are on duty seven days a week. The Security Office is located in the Knutzen Cardinal Center, in room C-110. Security personnel patrol the campus regularly and can be contacted by phone at 360.416.7777. If you are dialing from a campus phone,  only dial the last four digits (7777). Additionally, there are six Assistance Call Boxes located in parking lots around the Mount Vernon Campus. Assistance Call Boxes enable instant radio contact with SVC Security personnel.

SVC Mount Vernon Campus Security provides the following services and assistance:

  • Unlocking/Locking building, offices, and classrooms
  • Jumpstarting vehicles with dead batteries
  • Vehicle lockout assistance
  • Providing directions/assistance to visitors/students on campus
  • Nighttime or anytime escorts to and from the parking lots upon request (dial x7777)
  • Enforcing all parking regulations
  • Enforcing all on-campus policies
  • Responding to all on-campus calls to 9-1-1
  • Facilitating response for police and emergency services as required
  • Maintaining a safe campus environment for all students, staff, and visitors
  • Managing the Lost & Found Program for the Mount Vernon Campus

Security Service for Whidbey Island Campus & Centers

On the Whidbey Island Campus, San Juan Center, South Whidbey Center, and Marine Technology Center, Campus Security personnel can be reached at 360.679.5383. The Security Office is located in Old Main (Building B) room 114. Not all of the Security services listed above are available outside of the MV Campus.

Lost & Found

SVC Security manages the Lost & Found program for the college. If you find something of value that you believe was lost by another person, please deliver it to the nearest Campus Security Office so we can attempt to return it to the rightful owner. If you lose an item, please contact us to see if someone else turned in your missing item.

SVC Incident Report Forms

As the old saying goes, “If you see something, say something.” Skagit Valley College uses the Incident Report Forms to receive, track, and record violations of college and campus rules, policies, and procedures. These forms can be accessed by clicking the appropriate button below:

Campus Safety & Security

Skagit Valley College is committed to providing a safe environment for teaching, learning, working and personal growth. Click the button below to access a Campus Security Incident Report form to report any campus safety issues, crimes, accidents, dangerous conditions or suspicious activity.

Campus Security: Incident Report

Code of Student Conduct

All students are expected to conduct themselves according to the standards described in SVC’s Code of Student Conduct, which can be found at These standards, which are part of Washington Administrative Code (WAC), are consistent with our guiding principles of Respect, Integrity, Open & Honest Communication, and Collaboration. Students are expected to comply with SVC’s Code of Student Conduct both on and off campus when participating in college activities. Any person who observes student conduct counter to these standards is encouraged to report such behavior to a Student Conduct Officer using the Incident Report Form.

Code of Student Conduct: Incident Report

Bias Incident Report

Skagit Valley College maintains a Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) to respond and implement protocol whenever a hate crime or bias incident is perceived to have occurred. This protocol is specific to addressing hate crimes or bias incidents directed at or affecting members of the SVC Community. SVC defines a Bias Incident as an act- either verbal, written, physical, or psychological, which is personally directed against, or targets an individual or group based on perceived or actual characteristics such as race, color, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender identity or expression, disability or sexual orientation. The act itself may not be illegal, but it is hateful toward a particular identity group.

SVC strongly encourages the reporting of all hate crimes and bias incidents that occur on campus or at college sponsored events and activities occurring off campus. Please use the following online form:

 If you wish to report in person, you may do so to the following areas:

  • Yadira Rosales, Associate Vice President for Equity and Inclusion
    MV Campus: Annex Building, CA103
  • Alana Quigley, Director, Office for Student Equity and Inclusion
    MV Campus: Cardinal Center, C190E

Code of Student Conduct: Incident Report

Campus View Village

Campus View Village (CVV) is the on-campus student housing complex located north of the SVC Mount Vernon campus. The college employs a full-time staff to help maintain a safe and inclusive atmosphere for all residents and guests. In addition to the SVC Code of Student Conduct, CVV upholds specific housing-related policies. If you are aware of any violation that threatens the safety and security of CVV residents, you are encouraged to submit a Campus View Village Incident Report immediately by clicking the button below.

Campus View Village: Incident Report

SVC CARE Team Incident Report

The SVC CARE Team works directly with students to find solutions to academic, social, and personal issues that may impact a student’s potential for success. Congruently, SVC seeks to foster a climate of safety that requires the involvement of all college community members. Faculty, staff, students, and other community members are encouraged to report observed behavior that warrants concerns for the safety and well-being of the community, or the safety of an individual.

SVC CARE Team: Incident Report

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