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Security Services

Your Safety and Providing Outstanding Service Are Our Priorities

Security Services

Your Safety and Providing Outstanding Service Are Our Priorities

Security Services

Your Safety and Providing Outstanding Service Are Our Priorities

SVC Parking

Mount Vernon Campus Parking

Parking on the Mount Vernon Campus is available on a “first come, first served” basis in parking lots designated as student spaces. Campus maps and a list of student parking rules are available in the Security Office (C110) in the Gary Knutzen Cardinal Center building.

Student Parking Permits

Student parking permits are available at the Security Office and are valid now through the end of Spring Quarter 2023. Parking permit costs are covered by tuition and student fees. No additional costs required.

Please Note: Businesses nearby the Mount Vernon Campus and across Laventure Road have been known to ticket and tow student vehicles which can amount to a hefty fine. Please avoid parking at those locations.

Parking Enforcement on Campus

SVC Security is tasked with enforcing parking and traffic rules on Campus. Ticketing is a tool used to modify unwanted parking behavior and not for generating revenue. Two parking violations that will consistently receive enforcement focus are violations of Visitor and violations of Staff parking space restrictions.

SVC invites a number of community members, potential new students and potential employees to campus each day. We provide directions and permits for visitors to park in Visitor spaces. Staff parking space violations are another area where enforcement efforts are focused. Staff come at all hours to instruct, provide office hours, work as scheduled, and commute between our campuses throughout the day. There are far fewer spaces designated for Staff than spaces available if all employees are on campus at once. Please use spaces appropriately.

SVC Parking and Lot Violations

  • Parked in staff parking
  • Parked in visitor parking
  • No valid parking permit/decal
  • Not parked in a designated space
  • Occupying more than one space
  • Parked in driveway or walkway
  • Blocking traffic or pedestrians
  • Parked off roadway on in landscaped area
  • Parked in loading zone
  • Driving at an unsafe speed ($20)
  • Parked in Carpool Only space ($20)
  • Parking in Fire Lane ($50)
  • ADA handicapped parking w/no, expired, or misusing placard ($75)

Mount Vernon Campus Security Information

Security can be reached on the Mount Vernon Campus in the Knutzen Cardinal Center and by phone at 360.416.7777. Contact Security if you are hosting an event on campus and want to provide parking passes for your attendees or guests.

Call Mount Vernon campus security:

Whidbey Island Campus and All Other Campus Centers Parking

Student parking permits are not required at the Whidbey Island Campus. Parking is adjacent to Oak Hall and Hayes Hall for all students. Parking permits are required for faculty and staff parking spots.

Parking permits are not required at the San Juan Center, South Whidbey Center, Marine Technology Center, or the Cardinal Craft Brewing Academy.