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Undocumented Students

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Resources for Undocumented Students

Red Group Club

Red Group is a club on campus that focuses on undocumented and immigrant student’s rights and concerns. The club is inclusive. Red Group supports all immigrants, including those who are undocumented, have DACA status, or otherwise. You do not need to identify as an immigrant to join the club. All are welcome who would like to work towards a brighter future for all immigrants. You are invited to join Skagit Valley College’s Red Group by coming to any upcoming meeting. You can learn more about Red Group meetings on Canvas.
For information on upcoming meetings, contact Rick Flores:

List of Resources

  • Latino Educational Achievement Project (LEAP): The Latino/a Educational Achievement Project (LEAP) was started in 1998 to improve the academic achievement of Latino students. LEAP offers services such as an annual educational conference and legislative day, student leadership forums and public education workshops for parents, students, and educators. LEAP is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization in Washington State. Click here for more information.
  • The Path to College for Undocumented Students: In this guide they layout the most common routes undocumented students can take in order to enroll in an undergraduate program by providing the following:
    1. Facts about the path to citizenship
    2. The DREAM Act and DACA
    3. Rights as an undocumented student
    4. Searching for and selecting colleges
    5. Applying for college
    6. The challenges of financial aid and finding scholarships
  • Northwest Immigrants Rights Project: Northwest Immigrant Rights Project promotes justice for low-income immigrants by pursuing and defending their legal status. They focus on providing direct legal services, supported by their education and public policy work. Want to get involved? In this website, you will find volunteer and internship opportunities, workshops and great tips for preparing for DACA clinics. This site is prepared for DREAMERs by NWIRP.http://www.nwirp.org/.
  • About OnlineColleges.net: Each year more than 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high schools in the U.S., but only a fraction continues on to college. This website is divided into a few key sections, such as an explanation of legal rights, including the DREAM Act and DACA, how to find and apply for colleges and financial aid for undocumented students. Click here to visit their website and find more information.
  • 21 Progress: The mission of 21 Progress is to build a 21st Century Movement for Equity and Justice. 21 Progress provides programs that empower leaders among the hard-working people of Washington and advances bold ideas for economic and social justice. Through popular education, civic engagement and arts & culture, 21 Progress assists emerging leaders-especially young adults and immigrants—to claim their place in building a more just society and reaching their dream. Click here to visit their website and find more information about DACA Loan programs.