High-Demand & Diverse Career Track


High-Demand & Diverse Career Track


High-Demand & Diverse Career Track

SVC Nursing Program Entry FAQs

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How many people apply to Skagit’s Nursing DTA program? How many get in?

On the Mount Vernon campus, DTA applications are approximately 90 per cohort with 30 offered admissions. On the Whidbey Island campus, 20 are offered admissions.

What are the course pre-requisites and required GPA?

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Individual prerequisites courses must have a GPA of 2.0 (C) or higher. Combined GPA must equal a 3.0 (B) or higher in both the Science and GenEd groupings for a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Prerequisites for Science Group:
(Must have been completed within the last 10 years as of application submission)

  • * CHEM& 121 (Chemistry)
  • ** BIOL& 160 (General Biology)
  • BIOL& 241 (A&P I)
  • BIOL& 242 (A&P II)
  • BIOL& 260 (Microbiology)
  • NUTR& 101 (Nutrition)

*Substitution: *CHEM&161, ** BIOL&211, **BIOL&222

Prerequisites for General Education:
(including first 6 Sciences listed above)

  • ENGL& 101 (Composition I)
  • * ENGL& 102 (Composition II, highly recommended )
  • MATH& 146 (Statistics)
  • PSYC& 100 (General Psychology)
  • PSYC& 200 (Developmental Psychology)
  • HUM 1 & HUM 2 (Humanities combined can equal 9 or 10 credits.)

*Substitutions: CMST&210, CMST&220, CMST&230, ENGL 103, ENGL&235

On the application, how are points assigned for GPA?

SVC uses the CollegeBoard GPA scale to assign points to a letter grade. If your school uses a decimal grade, we convert it to a letter grade. Points are based on the letter grade.

How long does it take to finish the prerequisites and the Nursing Program?

Students that place into MATH& 146 and take a full load of classes may finish pre-program courses in 1 year. However, it is much more typical for students taking a full load to complete their prerequisites in about 2 years. The Nursing Program is 2 years, so a total time commitment of 3-4 years is commonly needed to finish the Associate in Nursing DTA. Here is a sample schedule for the Nursing Core, once a student is admitted to the Nursing DTA program:

Year 1

Fall Quarter – 12 cr Winter Quarter – 12 cr Spring Quarter – 12 cr
NURS 171 NURS 181 NURS 191
NURS 172 NURS 182 NURS 192
NURS 173   SOC 191

Year 2

Fall Quarter – 12 cr Winter Quarter – 12 cr Spring Quarter – 10 cr
NURS 271 NURS 281 NURS 291
NURS 272 NURS 282 NURS 292
NURS 273   PHIL 291
How and when can I get my NAC license?

There are various ways to obtain your NAC. Courses at colleges like SVC, MEDPREP (accelerated) in Everett, and some Nursing Homes offer NAC classes.

It is recommended you get your license at the beginning of your pre-requisite courses work so that there is time for it to be processed by the state and time for you to be able to accumulate hours towards more points on your application score. Your NAC license has to be in “active” status at the time you submit your Nursing/LPN-RN application. Pending licenses will not be accepted; we will not assume you will be approved by the state.

How can I get the appropriate CPR card—American Heart Association Basic Life Support?

The choice is yours on how to get it—SVC class or outside company. The key is it has to be American Heart Association Basic Life Support and active. Any other card will cause your Nursing/LPN-RN application to be denied. Below is a sample of the card, the e-card looks the same at the top and you may submit a copy of either one with your application.

Sample of American Heart Association Basic Life Support Card

Tell me about the TEAS

TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills It is used to determine the ability of potential students to be successful in a nursing program. The test is created and administered by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). It is a standardized exam that covers reading, math, English usage, and science. The most recent cohorts of nursing students received an average of an 83% total score on this exam.

It is suggested that you purchase one of the following study guides directly from ATI:

SVC also offers NURS 099 (TEAS SmartPrep study package will need to be purchased for this class and has a prerequisite of BIOL&160 or equivalent with a C grade or higher). It is offered fall and spring quarters and is a 2 credit class designed to support students preparing to take the TEAS test. Each week practice modules will be taken and test-taking skills practiced.

Students can register to take the TEAS test at SVC, although space is limited. If Skagit does not have any spaces left, you can register at various area locations. Do not take the TEAS test until you are nearly completed with the prerequisite coursework. You can take the TEAS test twice each academic year (a year is July 1-June 30); and scores are good for 3 years. Register at www.ATITesting.com. You will be required to create an account in order to register for the exam.

SVC TEAS’s Admissions requirements for the Nursing Program

TEAS Score | ALL MINIMUMS MUST BE MET | TEAS can be taken 2X/academic year (July 1- June 30)

Your best score can be used, but you cannot combine subject scores from multiple attempts. TEAS score cannot be more than 3 years old at the time of the admissions due date.

Academic Preparedness Level of “Proficient” or higher
Points are based on the below percentages. Example: 58.7 % would equal 58.7 points

  • Adjusted Individual Total Score minimum: 58.7%
  • TEAS Adjusted Reading Score minimum: 69%
  • TEAS Adjusted Math Score minimum: 63.3%
  • TEAS Adjusted Science Score minimum: 45.8%
  • TEAS Adjusted English & Language Usage Score minimum: 60%
After I complete my RN at Skagit, can I continue on to complete my BSN?

Yes. Once you graduate from Skagit Valley College with your Associate in Nursing DTA (and pass the NCLEX to be licensed as an RN), you are eligible for several RN to BSN programs. Here are a few examples:

  • WWU has an RN to BSN program: Learn More
  • UW Bothell has an RN to BSN program: Learn More
  • St. Martin ’s University has an RN to BSN Program: Learn More
  • Western Governor ’s University has an online RN to BSN Program: Learn More
What are my transfer opportunities when I finish my Associate in Pre-Nursing DTA?

You may choose to apply to one of these BSN programs—connect with an advisor at one of these schools, because their specific requirements vary. Some Skagit graduates have had recent success with admission to WSU Nursing program.

I've decided not to pursue Nursing; what are some other options?
  • Skagit Valley College, Medical Assisting AAS. Learn More
  • Bellingham Technical School, Surgery Technology: Learn More
  • Bellingham Technical School, Radiologic Technology: Learn More
  • UW Bothell, Health Studies BA: Learn More
If I don’t get in, can my application materials be used for the next cohort entry?

You will need to resubmit all application materials on or before the next application due date. If you are using the same TEAS test scores, you do not need to resend them unless you were notified we did not get them for your last application.

Is there a waitlist I can be put on?

SVC Nursing program does not have a waitlist. For the Mount Vernon campus cohorts, there are 5 selected as alternates who automatically get in the next entry on the Mount Vernon campus if a seat does not become available for the cohort they applied for. For the Whidbey Island Campus, there are no alternates. Mount Vernon alternates are not eligible to “automatically” attend Whidbey if that happens to be the next cohort. If they choose to apply to Whidbey, they will lose their spot on the alternates list for Mount Vernon.

When do prerequisites need to be completed?
Quarters prerequisites are due, based on cohort entry
Cohort Entry Non-SVC
Winter Previous Summer Previous Summer
Spring Previous Summer Previous Fall
Fall Previous Winter Previous Spring

*Non-SVC classes require a transcript evaluation that can take 4 – 6 weeks.

Example: If you want to apply for the Nursing cohort entry Spring 2021 you will need to take your final prerequisite(s) during the summer of 2020 if you are taking it at another college or Fall 2020 if you are taking it at Skagit Valley College.

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